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Dean's Faculty Research Fund

Policy No: 030
Approval Date: 5/17/06
Historical Notes:


New Mexico State University Library will have a Library Dean's Faculty research fund.


This fund is established to encourage faculty in their pursuit of research, publication, and creative activity.


All full time regular library faculty members are eligible to apply for a research fun award via a formal application process. Recipients of the award cannot apply during the next funding cycle.

Funding Criteria:

Funds awarded may be used for research-related expenses in compliance with University policy, excluding travel to present research findings. Uses may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Costs of collecting data (surveys, etc)
  • Research specific travel
  • Programmer/Data design and analysis support
  • Student assistants
  • Postage/photocopying not covered elsewhere
  • Software/hardware & equipment (becomes property of the library)

Funds will not cover:

  • Services currently available on campus at no charge
  • Faculty salaries
  • Other travel
  • Collection Development
  • Retroactive reimbursement of expenses already incurred

Proposal Review Process:

Proposals shall be independently evaluated by a committee consisting of three library faculty elected annually according to established library election procedures. Members of the committee will be ineligible to apply for a research fund award while serving on the committee. Members of the committee will serve for one year and be eligible for reelection.

The Dean reserves the right to not award funds in any given year if proposals submitted are of insufficient quality or if funds are unavailable. The number of awards may vary from year to year. Awards may be up to but will not exceed $2500.00 per applicant.

The review committee will make final recommendations to the Dean. Funds will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Importance and quality of research
  • Feasibility of research project

Responsibilities of Award Recipients:

Funds need to be expended within 12 months of award.

Within 90 days of the close of the 12 month cycle, recipients must submit a written project status report to the Dean stating how the funds were used and the current status of the project.

In an effort to promote the fund and encourage sharing of research in progress, recipients will offer a brief presentation to library staff on their funded projects Research Fund committee members will work with the Library's faculty senator and award recipients in schedule an informal session (e.g., brown bag lunch) at which presentations can be made within the 12 month cycle.


  • Late November - The Dean will announce a call for proposals and request an election
  • January - Election will be held
  • Early March - Deadline for applications, (Application Form)
  • May - Awards will be announced
  • May - Account(s) will be created