Library Building Hours

Policy No: 002
Approval Date: 2/13/02
Historical Notes: Revised 8/4/05; 4/13/05; 8/17/05; 10/24/2012 merged with Service Hours Policy PPM 008


New Mexico State University Library maintains established building and service hours. 

Rules and Procedures:

  • All Library hours are posted on the library's web page. A recording of the library's hours is also available by phone at 575-646-4749. Access Services staff are responsible for publishing and posting building hours. Department staff are responsible for communicating their specific service hours.
  • Regular Library hours are adjusted for interim sessions, spring break, final exam weeks, and University holidays.
  • Substantive changes to hours are subject to administrative review and approval.
  • Early closings may occur to respond to emergency, inclement weather or other unforeseen situations Authorization by University Administration [President, Provost, NMSU Police or Fire Department] or Dean/Associate Dean of the Library is required for an early closure.