Change is Coming...

On May 20, 2024, the Library will be making a change to how you use our electronic resources.

If you are off campus, instead of the login screen you see now it will direct you to the campus Single Sign-on page (the same one you use for email, Canvas, or other campus resources). You will use your NMSU login credentials and the same two-factor authentication you’ve already set up.

This change will enhance security and help make your login experience more reliable.

If you are still experiencing issues, here is some extra support to further assist:
  • Once the change happens, if you are having trouble logging in, then as with other campus services, please submit a ticket to the NMSU Help Desk at (575) 646-1840 or
  • If you can log in without an issue but are having trouble with our library resources, please contact the library at (575) 219-6612 or fill out this form

In the coming months, we will continue to update this page with further instructions and best practices for the Single Sign-on process.