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Use of NMSU Library Classrooms

Policy No: 009
Approval Date: 11/19/03, Revised 12/17/08
Historical Notes: Policy for the Appropriate Use of NMSU Library Classrooms


The NMSU Library classrooms will be used to fulfill the library's mission. The classrooms are intended primarily to serve Library users and staff. When conflicts arise, the Instruction Coordinator will be responsible for resolving problems.

Illegal or disruptive activity will not be allowed in the classrooms, nor will any activity that damages hardware, software, or furnishings. Food and drink are not permitted in the classrooms.


General Rules
Ample time is required to schedule library classrooms. A minimum of one week in advance is recommended.

The library's Instruction Coordinator is responsible for scheduling all library classrooms. This person will have responsibility for maintaining the classrooms' master calendar. Other library employees may be designated as back-up schedulers.

The periods from early January to mid-March and late August to late October are especially busy times for library instruction. The classrooms must be kept available for library instruction during these periods.

NMSU Library Staff
NMSU Library staff who wish to schedule one of the classrooms for a library-related event should review the guidelines and submit a request. This should be done before an event is announced or flyers are printed.

NMSU Staff
NMSU staff who wish to schedule one of the classrooms for classes or instructional workshops, should complete the appropriate request form:

Request an Instructional Session

The Instruction Coordinator will review and approve requests based on availability and the following considerations:

  • The Library classrooms are intended only for library-related instruction, not for such activities as software training, administering exams, etc. ICT classrooms are available for uses that fall outside of those stated in this policy.
  • NMSU staff may schedule the classrooms for a total of three times during a semester (three times between both classrooms, not each classroom three times).

Non-NMSU Groups
Classrooms may be scheduled for non-NMSU groups provided the use is in keeping with the Library’s mission and involves library-related instruction. Visiting groups must be sponsored by the University and/or Library. Individuals who wish to schedule one of the classrooms should contact the Library’s Instruction Coordinator to discuss the purpose of the visit and to arrange a suitable time. The Instruction Coordinator will work with requestors to plan a successful visit for their group.

Hardware and Software Issues
No software or hardware will be added to the classrooms without the joint permission of the Head of Systems and the Instruction Coordinator. In general, software will not be loaded for one-time-only use. The Head of Systems will provide trouble-shooting lists for the classrooms and lists of persons to call in case of problems.