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Vehicle Use Policy

Policy No: 038
Approval Date: 5/28/08, Revised 3-11-09
Historical Notes:


  1. Responsible Parties
    1. The Pegasus Delivery Service (IDS Unit) staff is responsible for
      1. All aspects of Pegasus golf cart scheduling and use
      2. Moving the golf cart from the cart enclosure area
      3. Returning the cart to the cart enclosure area after each use
      4. Submitting work order requests to Administration for maintenance
      5. Charging the cart, checking fluids, tire pressure, and other routine maintenance
    2. The Mail Room Supervisor is responsible for
      1. All aspects of van scheduling and use
      2. Moving the van from the parking area
      3. Returning the van to the parking area.  The van cannot be parked in the loading dock unless loading and unloading
      4. Submitting work order requests to Administration for maintenance
      5. Fueling the vehicle
    3. The Administrative Office staff is responsible for
      1. All aspects of the Library golf cart scheduling and use
      2. Submitting work order requests for maintenance
      3. The Mail Room Supervisor is responsible for charging the Library golf cart
  2. Authorized Uses
    1. All use of the vehicles is for library business purposes only
    2. The van is used primarily for mail delivery and pick-up.  The Pegasus golf cart is primarily used for IDS/Pegasus delivery and pick-up. The Library golf cart is primarily used for transportation/deliveries between campus buildings
    3. Vehicles may be used for other purposes, such as but not limited to moving furniture or materials and picking up donations.  See Section VIII
  3. Authorized Drivers and Passengers
    1. The vehicles may be used by authorized members of the Mail Room and Information Delivery groups and the Library
    2. In selected incidences, other users may be permitted.  See Section VIII
  4. Conditions for Authorized Drivers and Passengers
    1. Completion of an orientation session specific to the operation of each vehicle
    2. Compliance with any conditions set by the University regarding vehicle operation
    3. Passengers are limited authorized personnel only
    4. Providing transportation to unauthorized passengers and hitchhikers is prohibited
  5. Operational Rules
    1. Drivers are required to observe all university, city, and state traffic regulations, and are personally responsible for any citations or fines. Drivers with excessive or extreme traffic violations or who fail to obey any applicable traffic laws may be subject to the revocation or suspension of their University driving privileges
    2. Operators are to use extreme caution at all times.  Pedestrians and automobiles always have the right of way
    3. Operators will not wear headphones, use cell phones, eat, smoke or drink when operating vehicles
    4. Safe footwear must be worn (e.g., no flip flops, etc.)
    5. The golf carts may not be driven outside the boundaries of the Las Cruces campus
    6. Do not park any vehicle where it obstructs pedestrian or automobile traffic.  Do not block handicapped parking
    7. A University employee or student may be assessed for the loss or damage of a University vehicle if the loss or damage was caused while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or reckless driving
    8. Insurance--Liability insurance is provided for Authorized Drivers operating vehicles on official business. However, the University reserves the right to recover from an employee the amount expended to provide the defense and/or pay a settlement or final judgment related to accidents and traffic violations
    9. Accident Reporting--If a University vehicle is involved in an accident on campus, the University police must be notified and an accident report completed; a Library Incident Report must also be filed with Library Administration 

      If the accident occurs off campus the local or state police department(s) are to be notified, and an accident report completed. In the event of an accident in a parking lot, the local police may not respond, but when notified that a state vehicle is involved, the state police will normally respond

      At the first opportunity, the relevant Department Head will be notified, and the Department Head then notifies Library Administration

  6. Hours of Availability

    Unless other arrangements are made in accordance with Section VIII:

    1. The van is available before 8 a.m. and between 12:00-1:00 p.m.
    2. The Pegasus golf cart is typically available before 10:00 a.m., between 11:30 and 2 p.m. weekdays.  The Library golf cart is available 8 am – 5 pm weekdays
    3. By prior arrangement, the vehicles may be available on weekends and during the evenings
  7. Keys
    1. Keys will only be signed out after the requestor has supplied a current NMSU Driving Permit and a copy has been retained by the Responsible Party
    2. The van keys are available from the Mail Room Supervisor.  Keys will be signed out each time the van is used and must be signed back in
    3. The gas key is kept in Library Administration and must be signed in/out with Administration staff.  Normally, only the Mail Room Supervisor is authorized to use the key
    4. For the IDS golf cart, keys are available at the Branson Information Desk.  For the Library golf cart, keys are available in the Administrative Offices. Keys will be signed out each time the golf cart is used and must be signed back in, after securing the cart in its designated parking/storage space
    5. Never leave keys in the ignition
  8. Other Uses and Users

    Other uses and users are authorized in accordance with the following procedure:

    1. A written request to use a vehicle is submitted to the Responsible Party as defined in Section I.  The request shall include the following elements:
      1. be submitted in advance of the requested date of use
      2. contain an explanation for the use of the vehicle
    2. The Responsible Party must respond in writing and authorize the use of the vehicle. 
    3. The User becomes the Responsible Party as outlined in Section I and is responsible for meeting all of the criteria and responsibilities outlined in this policy, with the exception of fueling the van upon return to the Library
    4. Requests for evening, weekend, or off campus use of a vehicle should be directed in writing to Library Administration with reasonable advance notice also provided to the Responsible Party