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Policy No: 032
Approval Date: 06/10/2009
Historical Notes: revised 01/28/2018, 07/26/2007. 07/12/2006


New Mexico State University Library provides travel/training funds to support professional development staff training. The Library follows NMSU travel policy as outlined in the NMSU Business Procedures Manual and in the NMSU Administrative Rules and Procedures Manual. All Library employees are responsible for complying with these policies.

Library Administrative Rules and Procedures:

Requests for travel funds must be submitted and approved prior to travel (Travel Request Form(s).

  • Requests received after travel has been completed will not be funded.
  • In order to receive reimbursement travelers must submit the Travel Reimbursement Request Form with all relevant receipts to Library Administration staff for processing.

Requests for Administrative Travel:
Supports job-related travel where funding is approved by the Dean/Associate Dean, e.g. job-related training session or attending a session as official representative of the NMSU Library.
Eligibility: All full-time faculty and exempt and non-exempt staff are eligible for travel funding consideration.

Requests for Faculty Travel:
Supports professional development related that support faculty growth and professional development, e.g. attendance at conference; meetings of library or scholarly associations.

Eligibility: All tenured faculty, tenure-track faculty and college faculty are eligible for travel funding consideration (if funds permit).

  • Faculty travel funds are allocated by the Dean of the Library each fiscal year. The level of funding allocated to support travel for Faculty Travel varies and is done in the context of fiscal priorities in any given year.
  • Faculty initiate their travel requests with the submission of a Library Request Travel form.
  • For hotel and airfare reimbursements, faculty may be reimbursed only for actual expenses. The Library does not prepay for hotel but, if approved, can prepay for registration and airfare.
  • Faculty members need to receive approval travel funds by May 1st so that funds may be encumbered.
  • Direct supervisors approve release time.

Request for Other Travel Funds:
Includes support travel as designated by a specific source of funding, e.g. grants or scholarships.

  • Requester identifies funding source(s) that supports travel by submitting budget, guidelines, account information (e.g., grant index fund) etc. and ensures that travel is in compliance with all the conditions required by the funding source.
  • Direct supervisors approve release time.
  • Faculty and staff are eligible as specified by the funding source.

Requests for Employee Travel Advance:
Employees may opt to request an Employee Travel Advance. For travel prepaid based on estimate of the travel expenses, after receiving approval for travel, employees should use a specific form and procedures that are based on specific time parameters. See 5C.70.05 Employee Travel Advance of the Business Procedures Manual.

Requests for University Related International Travel:
For any University Related International Travel, prior approval for the travel to take place is required. See 16.69-University Related International Travel of the NMSU Administrative Rules and Procedures.