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Library Faculty Compensation- Summer

Policy No: 021
Approval Date: 11/29/05
Historical Notes: Revised 10/8/2014


In compliance with the New Mexico State University Policy Manual. Chapter 5.25.40 Compensation - Summer and Chapter 6.88 Summer Session. See also Chapter Category of Librarianship is equivalent to the teaching and advising category.

Hiring of Library faculty in the summer is considered a privilege and not a right.

  1. The first priorities for the Library are program and student needs.
  2. Tenured and tenure-track faculty will have priority for summer contracts.
  3. In general, library faculty members will be employed for only one 6-week period.
  4. 12-month library faculty appointments are not eligible for summer compensation.
  5. Early agreements regarding summer contracts must be identified as tentative. No actual commitment is made until approvals are completed.
  6. Full load is considered 40 hours per week for library faculty.


Timeline Action
Apr 1 Department Heads/Associate Dean submit Library Faculty Compensation Proposals. Proposals must include a job description describing what the faculty member is being hired to do.
April 15 Dean's review of proposals is completed Department Heads/Associate Dean notified of approved summer hires.
Early May HR Liaison completes hiring process and hires receive official notification.
Sept 15 Department Heads/Associate Dean submit brief report of summer faculty accomplishments to Dean.