History of the Shalam Colony

The Buildings

The Fraternum Building

The Fraternum

Building of the colony began in 1885 with the Fraternum, a long building with two rows of twenty rooms on either side of a long courtyard. These rooms were for the adult Faithists. There was a library at the front of the building and a steam laundry so complete that it was considered unique in the West.

The Fraternum Courtyard

The Courtyard

Courtyard view of the Fraternum.

The children's home

The Children's Home

The Children's Home has been called the "best building ever erected in the valley." This is what the home looked like in 1945.

The Reservoir

The Reservoir

The reservoir at Shalam.

The Barns

The Barns

The barns at Shalam.

The Studio

The Studio

This is the only building still standing today of the thirty-five buildings in the colony. It was used as a studio.