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I. Published Materials



Bloom, Maude McFie. "A History of Mesilla Valley," 62-63. Mesilla Park, N. Mex.: New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, 1903. (D1999 M34 1903; also in SpC) (CCF)

The contemporary account included in this Bachelor's thesis is brief but accurate.

Book of Knowledge; Shalam: Utopian Desert Paradise, and Portraits of the Great Prophets. N.p., n.d. (*BF1301 N57 B6 1980z) (Ms 336)

Formerly published in Kosmon Signs of the Times, by Sam Bartolet.

Brooks, Sarah Warner. Alamo Ranch, a Story of New Mexico, 76-83. Cambridge, Mass.: privately printed, 1903. (CCF)

A visit to Shalam Colony is presented as a journal narrative in this one chapter of a book.  Whether fictionalized or merely inaccurate, it refers to "Leontica" instead of "Levitica," and describes the children as all having "light hair and blue eyes," when in fact they represented several races.

Kosmon Almanac; The New Calendar, Based on the Movements of Our Solar Phalanx. Also, an Account of Shalam, the First Community of the Kind in All the World. . . . [Las Cruces, N. Mex.?], Kosmon 37 [1885]. (Ms 211) (Ms 336: "The Faithists' Calendar")

The Land of Shalam. Compiled by Samuel G. Johnson. Sacramento, Calif.: Johnson, 1962.  (*BF1301 N57 L3 1962) (Ms 336)

"The Land of Shalam." History of New Mexico: Its Resources and People, 511-18. Los Angeles: Pacific States Publishing Co., 1907. [Author is probably G. B. Anderson.]  (*F796 H7) (CCF)

Published in an early history of New Mexico, this account was probably most influential in determining the historical perspective from which Shalam would be seen. It is much like Anderson's Out West article.

New Mexico, a New Guide to the Colorful State, 131. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1984. (Ref. F794.3 N492 1984; also in SpC) (CCF)

Two paragraphs are devoted to Shalam. Except for the "1894" date of establishment (which should read "1884"), the information is correct.

New Mexico Supreme Court. Reports of Cases Determined in the Supreme Court of the Territory of New Mexico, 6:181-93. Columbia, Mo.: E. W. Stephens, 1896.  (*J87 N6 B101.81 C33) (CCF)

The facetious humor of the justice's opinion in the case of "Jesse M. Ellis, Appellee, v. John B. Newbrough and A. M. Howland, Appellants" was the cause of considerable concern to President Harrison, who regarded it improper.

Newbrough, John Ballou. Book of Gratiyus; or, The Founding of Levitica, Written Kosmon 38, and Three Years After the Founding of Shalam, Being Antescript. N.p., [1886?].  (*BF1301 N57 B59 1900z) (CCF)

_____. The Voice and Will of Jehovih in the Founding of Levitica. Reissue of the Book of Gratiyus. North Salt Lake, Utah: Essenes of Kosmon, [194?]. (*BF1301 N57 V6 1980z)

Priestley, Lee. "Shalam." The Las Cruces Historic Buildings Survey, 122-25. Las Cruces, N. Mex.: Doņa Ana County Historical Society, 1982. (F804 L37 L28; also in Archives and SpC) (CCF)

Concise, accurate, and accompanied by photos, this one-page summary makes an excellent introduction to the subject.

_____. Shalam: Utopia on the Rio Grande, 1881-1907. El Paso, Tex.: Texas Western Press, 1988. (BF1301 N57 P75 1988; also in SpC)

This is the most complete documented account of Shalam. The author has drawn on unpublished materials, as well as Stoes' articles and more recently discovered publications.

Stoes, Katherine D. The Land of Shalam, Children's Land; A Strange Experience in Child Life. Reprinted from the New Mexico Historical Review. Tiger, Ga.: Universal Brotherhood of Faithists, n.d. (*BF1301 N57 S76 1980z) (Ms 336)

Published in two consecutive issues of NMHR, the account by Stoes is the most authoritative history of Shalam available. The author was a close personal friend of Frances Newbrough Howland. (See the entry under "Articles in Journals" for dates of the two issues and call number for the journal.)

Wiley, Elnora. Inside the Shalam Colony. Los Alamos, N. Mex.: The Document Shop, 1990. (BF1301 N57 W56 1990; also in SpC)

This fictionalized account is based on Wiley's correspondence and telephone conversations with Jone Howlind, Newbrough's daughter. Although the information cannot be verified because of Howlind's request that the letters not be shared, the book offers an "insider's view" of life at Shalam which is quite interesting.


Anderson, George Baker. "The Land of Shalam." Out West 25 (November 1906): 414-24.  (*F851 O96) (CCF) (Ms 336)

The longest of the contemporary accounts, this emphasizes the strange qualities of Oahspe, and portrays Newbrough as a schemer and Howland "the chief sufferer through [his] duplicity."

Baldwin, Percy M. "A Short History of the Mesilla Valley." New Mexico Historical Review 13 (July 1938): 320-21. (J87 N6 F101.93; also in SpC) (CCF) (Ms 336)

About one page of this article is devoted to a history of Shalam Colony.

Bullock, Alice. "Shalam, 'Land of the Children.'" New Mexico Magazine 57 (March 1979): 38-41. (J87 N6 T501.91; also in SpC) (CCF) (Ms 336)

An interesting account, this includes many of the more unusual happenings attributed to Shalam and its inhabitants.

Casey, Edwin Eugene. "Shalam. Mr. Howland Is Interviewed." The New Mexico Collegian 4 (February 1897): 3-4. (J87 N6 F201.95 N55; also in Archives) (CCF)

This interview of Howland was conducted for the monthly news publication of the New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts (now New Mexico State University), founded four years after the establishment of Shalam Colony.

Howlind, Jone. "Shalam: Facts Versus Fiction." New Mexico Historical Review 20 (October 1945): 281-309. (J87 N6 F101.93; also in SpC) (CCF) (Ms 336)

This article was written by Newbrough's daughter to repudiate the article by Julia Keleher which had appeared in the same periodical the previous year. However, court records have proven some of Howlind's statements to be false.

Keleher, Julia. "The Land of Shalam: Utopia in New Mexico." New Mexico Historical Review 19 (April 1944): 123-34. (J87 N6 F101.93; also in SpC) (CCF) (Ms 336)

Much of the information in this article is based on the writings of G. B. Anderson and is denounced emphatically by Newbrough's daughter, Jone Howlind.

Martin, Curtis. "Ode to Shalam." The Santa Fean 1 (January 1941): 19. (CCF)

Martin examines what he calls "probably one of the strangest cases ever to appear before a Supreme Court in the United States," the suit of Jesse M. Ellis against the Faithist community for the sum of $10,000. (The full transcript of the judge's opinion is given in the "New Mexico Supreme Court" Report listed above.)

Mraz, Barb. "Where Have All the Children Gone?" Liberty 77 (March-April 1982): 16-18.  (BX6101 L7) (CCF) (Ms 336)

The emphasis is on Faithist belief - its foundation in Oahspe and its application to the raising of children at Shalam Colony.

Neale, Mrs. P. E. [Celeste]. "Shalam Colony." New Mexico School Review 19 (April 1940): 8-9. (L11 N242; v. 19 is missing) (CCF) (Ms 336)

There are several errors in this general history of Shalam but, as the author points out, the only written resource material available at the time [which she knew about] was the work of G. B. Anderson.

O'Neill, Terry. "I See by the Papers." Fate 51 (April 1998): 4. (CCF)

A summarized version of Mike Mrkvicka's article about LesLee Alexander in The [Las Cruces] Bulletin.

Perry, Wallace. "The Glorious Land of Shalam." Southwest Review 38 (winter 1953): 35-43.  (AP2 S883 [microfilm]) (CCF) (Ms 9, Box 5, Folder 3) (Ms 336)

One of the best-researched articles on the subject, this draws on authoritative local sources, trial transcripts and other court records, and the account written by Newbrough's daughter.

Poldervaart, Arie. "Black-Robed Justice in New Mexico, 1846-1912." New Mexico Historical Review 23 (January 1948): 47-49. (J87 N6 F101.93; also in SpC) (CCF) (Ms 336)

Poldervaart summarizes the facts leading to the Ellis lawsuit against the Faithists, and states that the opinion "stands today as a leading case on the legal doctrine of estoppel."

Priestley, Lee. "Shalam . . . . . 'Land of Children.'" New Mexico Magazine 39 (November- December 1961): 20-23. (J87 N6 T501.91; also in SpC) (CCF) (Ms 336)

This is one of the best accounts of Shalam Colony; it is interesting, objective, complete, and historically accurate.

Segulia, Frances. "Shalam Revisited." Password 20 (winter 1975): 158-61. (F381 P265) (CCF) (Ms 336)

Segulia writes of Shalam Colony from a different perspective: she and her family lived on the Shalam land in the late 1920s when most of it was owned by an agricultural co-op.

Shalam Colony." Southwestern Farm and Orchard 1 (February 1895): 13. (*S1 S68) (CCF)

An addition to the membership of Shalam's "sister colony," Levitica, is the news reported in this contemporary publication.

"The Shalamites." Southwestern Farm and Orchard 1 (September 1894): 1-2. (*S1 S68) (CCF) (Ms 336)

This is an important addition to Shalam literature because it presents the history to date from a contemporary viewpoint and without prejudice. There is a misstatement of the colony's purpose which was probably unintentional: "Mr. Howland had come to the conclusion that the only successful method of founding a religious sect was to start in with the children."

Simundson, Daniel. "Strangers in the Valley: The Rio Grande Republican and Shalam, 1884- 1891." New Mexico Historical Review 45 (July 1970): 197-208. (J87 N6 F101.93; also in SpC) (CCF) (Ms 336)

This article is the result of the author's preliminary research for his doctoral dissertation. It documents the attitude taken by the local newspaper, which changed first from friendly support to ridicule, and finally to silence. This last position proved deadly to the colony, in the author's opinion.

Stoes, Katherine D. "The Land of Shalam." New Mexico Historical Review 33 (January 1958): 1-23; 33 (April 1958): 102-27. (J87 N6 F101.93; also in SpC) (CCF) (Ms 336)

Published in two consecutive issues of NMHR, the account by Stoes is the most authoritative history of Shalam available. The author was a close personal friend of Frances Newbrough Howland.

Trumbo, Theron Marcos. "Downfall of a Desert Paradise." New Mexico Magazine 23 (February 1945): 12-13. (J87 N6 T501.91; also in SpC) (CCF) (Ms 336)

White, Marjorie. "Land of Shalam." True West 12 (November-December 1964): 43, 64-66.  (CCF) (Ms 336)


Broom, Bill. "Book of Oahspe Records Struggle of Early Day Las Cruces Colony." El Paso Herald-Post, July 28, 1950. (CCF)

This is the only article concerning the Oahspe "manuscript" which was given to the Texas Western College (now University of Texas at El Paso) Museum in 1949, and transferred to the UTEP Library in 1972. Rather than being the original manuscript, the document is a typescript copied from the first published edition of Oahspe.

Crosby, W. W. Las Cruces Sun-News, February 12, 1946.

"First Purebred Herds Brought Here in 1880s." El Paso Herald-Post, May 25, 1973. (CCF) (Ms 336)

Foster, Marianne. "Adobe Ruins Recall the History of Shalam." Las Cruces Sun-News, April 21, 1939. (CCF)

The author of this short account portrays Newbrough as "a charlatan and mountebank," but reports that "the highest ideals of the colony were fulfilled" in the care of orphaned children.

Hufstedler, Ann. "Shalam: Utopian Desert Paradise." Las Cruces Citizen, April 28, 1960.  (CCF) (Ms 336)

Ann Hufstedler was a Las Cruces High School senior at the time she wrote this paper, which tied for first place in the Katherine D. Stoes Memorial section of the annual Las Cruces Writers Club student talent contest. The article is included with the Book of Knowledge, above.

Martin, G. A. "Mrs. Frances Howland, Widow of Shalam Colony Founder, Is Dead; Colony was Notable." El Paso Herald-Post, January 3, 1922. (CCF)

In this obituary notice, the name "Newbrough" is spelled "Newbro." Shalam Colony is referred to as "one of the most famous undertakings of a philanthropic nature in the United States."

Mead, Phil. "Shalam Colony Now Only Crumbling Buildings." El Paso Times, April 23, 1955. (CCF)

Mead's account is accurate and accompanied by two contrasting photos of one of the main buildings.

Mrkvicka, Mike. "Rekindling Faith of Shalam Colony." The [Las Cruces] Bulletin, December 18, 1997.

"Old Shalem Colony." The Round-Up, November 14, 1928. (CCF)

Another article written for the New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts newspaper, this is evidently based on Anderson's writings, combined with local gossip ("Many of the children grew into crooks and lunatics of various kinds.").

Osgoode, Art. "The Life of a Century Remembered." Las Cruces Sun-News, May 7, 1980. (CCF)

Lupe Triviz Chavez is the subject of this article written for the series, "Women '80." Her father was a blacksmith at La Colonia, as people in Doņa Ana called Shalam Colony.

Priestley, Lee. "Shalam: Ruined Utopia." Las Cruces Sun-News, July 4, 1976. (CCF)

Published 15 years after the author's magazine article, this account summarizes Shalam's history.

Roberts, Dave. "19th Century Religious Colony Survives in NMSU Archives." Round Up, December 2, 1991.

Simmons, Marc. "Shalam Colony: Bankrupted Visionaries." El Paso Times, November 9, 1978. (CCF) (Ms 336)

_____. "Visionary Colony Failed to Take Root." El Paso Times, August 14, 1983. (CCF) (Ms 336)

In a short (two-column) newspaper account, Simmons tells the basic story with a few minor inaccuracies, and comments that, "In New Mexico, the brief history of the Shalam Colony must rank as one of the outlandish episodes of the century."

Vigil, Gregory J. "Shalam Colony Brought New Irrigation Methods." Las Cruces Sun-News, February 28, 1982. (CCF)

White, Marjorie. "The Land of Shalam Was Planned As Faithist Utopia on Rio Grande." El Paso Times Sundial, January 22, 1967. (CCF)

_____. "Spiritualist Sect Thrived Briefly Near Las Cruces." El Paso Herald-Post, April 13, 1963. (CCF) (Ms 336)

Wilbur, Alice. "Dream of Desert Paradise in Shalam Colony Fades to Crumbling Adobe Ruins." Las Cruces Sun-News, March 17, 1940. (CCF)


Las Cruces Democrat

June 21, 1899

"A Peculiar People. Unique Experiment Along Communistic Lines In the Mesilla Valley Near Las Cruces. Very Prosperous Shalam Colony."

 Las Cruces Sun-News

February 12, 1946

"Crucen Recalls One Translator of Bible Who Lived Last of Life in Mesilla Valley."

The New Mexico Collegian

Vol. 2, No. 8 (Jan. 1895)

"In Memoriam."

New York Times

November 25, 1883

"Faithists In Convention." Delegates From Eleven States at the First Session."

November 21, 1884

"The Sect of Faithists. The Followers of Oahspe and Some of the Plans and Practices."

October 2, 1885

"Christians Not Wanted. A New Sect Which Wants to Capture Young People."

 New York Tribune

April (28?), 1901

"End of the Shalam Colony. Founded by Dr. Newbrough, Author Of 'Oahspe, A New Bible' - Failure of His Schemes."

 Rio Grande Republican

October 11, 1884

"Shalam. The Name of a New Colony Just Started Near Dona Ana. 'The Coming Race' Who Are to Regenerate the Earth, and Show Us How to Live Purely and Righteously."

November 1, 1884


November 8, 1884

"Local News." (two items)

November 22, 1884

[Editor's column]

December 13, 1884

"The Faithists."

January 17, 1885

"Local News."

January 31, 1885

"Local News."

April 11, 1885

"'Oahspe.' Extracts from the New Bible Upon Which the Faith of the Shalam Colony Is Based."

April 25, 1885

"Improvements at Shalam."

May 16, 1885

"Local News." (two items)

May 23, 1885

"Shalam Colony." (letter from W. C. Bowman)

May 30, 1885

"Dr. Tanner. He Says the Shalamites Are Not Slaves, Nor Is Salt Prohibited." (letter from H. S. Tanner)

June 6, 1885

"The Prophet of Shalam Speaks." (letter from J. B. Newbrough)

"Notice of Land Survey."

"Local News." (three items)

June 13, 1885

"Shalam's True Inwardness." (letter from J. B. Newbrough)

"Dr. Bowman's Charges." (letter from W. C. Bowman)

"Local News."

June 20, 1885

July 18, 1885

July 25, 1885

October 10, 1885

December 12, 1885

January 2, 1886

January 23, 1886

January 30, 1886

March 6, 1886

March 13, 1886

March 27, 1886

April 17, 1886

June 19, 1886

July 31, 1886

August 7, 1886

September 4, 1886

October 2, 1886

November 20, 1886

November 27, 1886

December 11, 1886

January 22, 1887

February 19, 1887

March 5, 1887

May 14, 1887

October 1, 1887

October 15, 1887

November 12, 1887

April 21, 1888

May 12, 1888

Santa Fe New Mexican

April 25, 1891

June 16, 1899


The Castaway. A Monthly Publication. In the Interest of Foundlings, Orphans and Other Homeless and Uncared-for Children. New Orleans: Faithists' Infants' Home, 1889-[1890?].(Ms 336; CCF)



Aston, Roger H. Proof of the Authenticity of the Mundane Records of Oahspe, a Bible of the New Age. Edited and rearranged by C. W. Ward and A. Frost. Sussex, England: A. Frost, 1971. (*BF1301 N57 A8 1971) (Ms 336)

Barker, Frederick C. A Comparison of the 1882 and 1891 Editions of Oahspe. Kingman, Ariz.: Faithist Journal, 1972. (*BF1301 N57 B3 1976) (Ms 336)

Brewer, Charles Louis. A Handbook of the Millenium According to Oahspe, the Cosmic Bible. Puente, Calif. [1912?]. Reprint. Lexington, Ky.: Oahspe Research Group, 1985.

_____. Historical Outline of Oahspe, the Cosmic Bible. San Francisco, n.d.  (*BF1301.N57 B7 1900za)

Cahill, Augustine. Darkness, Dawn and Destiny. London: Regency Press, n.d.  (*BF1999 C23 1965)

Dennon, Jim. The Oahspe Story. Kingman, Ariz.: Faithist Journal, 1977.  (*BF1301.N57 D4 1977) (Ms 336)

Elkins, Don, et al. The Ra Material; An Ancient Astronaut Speaks, 140-41, 167. Norfolk, Va.: The Donning Co., 1984. (CCF)

Frazer, Felix J. Parallel Paths to the Unseen Worlds, 75-76. Los Angeles: Builders of the Adytum, 1967. (CCF)

In the two pages devoted to Oahspe, the question is raised as to whether the work is fact or fiction; either way, the author says, it is a "most remarkable and astounding [piece] of automatic writing."

Gray, Louis H. "Oahspe." Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics, edited by James Hastings, 9:428-30. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1928. (Ref BL31 E4) (CCF)

This is a full summary of the basic precepts of Oahspe, set in an authoritative reference work. Even so, Shalam Colony is described as being "some 14,000 acres," instead of the 1,490 acres it actually was.

Harden, John. Science from Space. Kingman, Ariz.: Eloist Press [1965?]. Reprint. Lexington, Ky.: Oahspe Research Group, 1985. (*BF1301.N57 H3 1985) (photocopy in Ms 336)

_____. The World to Come. Kingman, Ariz.: Eloist Press, 1973. (*BP605.F34 H37 1973)

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_____. Oahspe's Amazing Predictions of Things to Come. [Amherst, Wisc.: Palmer Publications?] 1980. (*BF1301.N57 H6 1980) (Ms 336)

Jones, J. Nelson. Thaumat-Oahspe. Melbourne: J. C. Stephens, Pty. Ltd., 1912. Reprint. Lexington, Ky.: Oahspe Research Group, 1985. (*BF1301.N57 J6 1985) (Ms 336)

Kares, Kasandra. The Oahspe Companion; A Comprehensive Subject Index and Concordance. Kingman, Ariz.: Kosmon Pub., 1983.

Law of One, 77-78, 104. Louisville, Ky.: L/L Research, 1981. (CCF)

More of Oahspe; New Era, Kosmon Revelation in the Words of Jehovih and His Angel Embassadors. Compiled by Jim Dennon. Seaside, Ore.: Dennon, 1983.  (*BF1301.N57 M6 1983) (Ms 336)

Newbrough, John Ballou. Book of Cosmography and Prophecy, and God's Book of Ben. [Selections from Oahspe. El Paso, Tex., 1891.]

_____. The Book of Discipline from Oahspe. Tiger, Ga.: Universal Brotherhood of Faithists, [198?]. (*BF 1301 N57 B58 1980z) (Ms 336)

_____. The Book of Light; A Religion for Today, Being Seven Books, Containing Essential Spiritual Wisdom from OAHSPE. Kingman, Ariz.: Faithist Journal, n.d.  (*BP605.F34 B6 1970z)

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_____. The Light of Kosmon; Being Seven Books, Containing Essential Spiritual Wisdom from Oahspe. Compiled by Wing Anderson. Los Angeles: Kosmon Press, 1939.

_____. Oahspe; A New Bible in the Words of Jehovih and His Angel Embassadors. A Sacred History of the Dominions of the Higher and Lower Heavens on the Earth for the Past Twenty-four Thousand Years. . . . New York: Oahspe Publishing Association, 1882.  (*BF1301 N57 A3 1882)

_____. Oahspe; . . . 1882. Reprint. Amherst, Wisc.: Palmer, 1972. (BF1301 N57 A3 1972; also copy in SpC)

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_____. Oahspe; . . . 2d ed. Boston: Oahspe Publishing Association, 1891.  (*BF1301 N57 A3 1891b)

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"Oahspe. How the New Bible Was Produced." The Medium and Daybreak (London), March 2, 1883. (CCF)

This publication is "a weekly journal devoted to the history, phenomena, philosophy, and teachings of Spiritualism." The article includes Newbrough's own description, published in American newspapers two months earlier, of how Oahspe was written.

Wellman, Whit. "'Automatic Writing' Reveals Strange Secrets; Oahspe, History of World for Past 24,000 Years, 'Told' to Medium." Oregon Journal, January 3, 1937. (CCF)

"What Is Oahspe?" Las Cruces Citizen, September 27, 1931. (CCF)




Dennon, Jim. Dr. Newbrough and Oahspe. Kingman, Ariz.: Faithist Journal [1975?].  (*BF1301 N57 D42 1975) (Ms 336)

Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology, ed. by Leslie Shepard, 2:648-49, 655. Detroit: Gale Research Co., 1978. (Ref. BF1407 E52) (CCF)

The entry for Newbrough is about one-quarter page, and consists primarily of his account of how Oahspe was written; there is also a one-paragraph entry for Oahspe.

Riland, George. The New Steinerbooks Dictionary of the Paranormal, 202, 207. New York: Steinerbooks, 1980. (Ref. BF1025.R56) (CCF)

Newbrough is allotted one paragraph, and Oahspe one line, in this dictionary.

Simundson, Daniel Nathan. "John Ballou Newbrough and the Oahspe Bible." Ph.D. dissertation, University of New Mexico, 1972. (*BF1301.N57 S5 1972a) (Ms 336)

Steinerbooks Dictionary of the Psychic, Mystic, Occult, 146-47. Blauvert, New York: Rudolph Steiner Publications, 1973. (CCF)

The information given here is the same as that in the title by Riland, above.



Fodor, Nandor. Encyclopedia of Psychic Science, 263. Secaucus, N. J.: Citadel Press, 1966. (CCF)

This book contains an entry for Newbrough only, which is identical to the one in the Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology; there is no entry for Oahspe.

Greenhouse, Herbert B. The Book of Psychic Knowledge: All Your Questions Answered, 113. New York: Taplinger, 1973. (CCF)

The only reference is this sentence: "Dr. John Ballou Newbrough painted in total darkness, using both hands simultaneously."

Newbrough, John Ballou. A Catechism on Human Teeth, Intended for the Use of the General Public. New York, 1865. Reprint. Lexington, Ky.: Oahspe Research Group, 1985.   (*BF 1301 N57 A32 1985)

_____. The Fall of Fort Sumter; or, Love and War in 1860-61: A Humorous Story. New York, 1867. Reprint. Lexington, Ky.: Oahspe Research Group, [1989?]. (*BF 1301 N57 F35 1989)

_____. Spiritalis, or Spirits Interviewed. New York, 1874. Reprint. Salt Lake City, Utah: Universal Faithists of Kosmon, [198?] (*BF 1301 N57 A335 1980z) (Ms 336)

_____. Woman's Wish! Versus Man's Will! New York: Newbrough, 1859. Reprint. Lexington, Ky.: Oahspe Research Group, 1985. (*BF 1301 N57 A34 1985) (Ms 336)

The author of this work, while known to be Newbrough, is shown as "A. Buckeye." There is a positive microfilm copy in Dorothy Wills' Papers, Ms 336.

Schneider, Herbert W. "John Ballou Newbrough." Dictionary of American Biography, 13: 449. New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1934. (CCF)

The Dictionary of American Biography is a basic, authoritative reference work; the article on John B. Newbrough takes about three-fourths of a page.

Faithist Activities and Publications


Anderson, Wing. The Next Nine Years; An Analysis and a Prophecy. 2nd ed. Los Angeles: Kosmon Press, 1938. (RG93-17; will be in SpC)

_____. 1952 - The Year of Crisis. Los Angeles: Kosmon Industries, 1952. (RG93-17; will be in SpC)

_____. Peace and Plenty for You, Revealing a New Vision of a Life of Abundance for You. Los Angeles: Kosmon Press, 1941. (RG93-17; will be in SpC)

Cover title is; Peace and Plenty for You; including A History of Your World, and A New Income Plan. "Released under the Imprimature of the Essenes of Kosmon."

_____. Prophetic Years, 1947-1953. Los Angeles: Kosmon Press, 1946.   (*BF1815.A5 A32 1946)

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Global Oahspean Directory; 1984 Spring. Salt Lake City: Universal Faithists of Kosmon, 1971. (*BF1301.N57 G56 1984) (Ms 336)

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The entry for "Universal Brotherhood of Faithists" is about three-fourths of a page and contains several inaccuracies.

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This journal is donated by the Eloists. NMSU has Vols. 1-14.

II. Unpublished Materials


Ms 9 Wallace Perry. Papers. Materials relating to his article, "The Glorious Land of Shalam," are in Box 5, Folder 3.

Ms 11 SC Elias E. Day. Letter.

Ms 153 Doņa Ana County Historical Society records, 1950-1999

Ms 208 Katherine D. Stoes. Papers (Shalam Colony Segment).

Ms 211 John Ballou Newbrough. Oahspe, 1882; and Faithists' Calendar [1885].

Ms 231 James L. Dennon. Papers.

Ms 297 Leon Claire Metz Research Files and Publications, 1969-1992

Ms 330 Hugh W. Rose. Literary File.

Ms 336 Dorothy Wills. Papers. 

Ms 437 Opal Lee Priestley papers, 1884-1990

MS 441 Elnora Wiley papers, 1893-1985

Ms 337 Shalam Colony/Oahspe/Faithist Collection
This collection is made up of materials received in 1993 as a result of Linda Blazer's Sabbatical research on Faithist activity since Shalam Colony. It includes the accessions listed below.

  • RG93-15 Virginia Howard. Publications. (Interview, below)
  • RG93-79 Glenn Kendall and David Helper. Papers. (Interview, below)
  • RG93- 17 Erma Jean Lee. Publications.
  • RG93-192 Dr. Robert N. Pavlosky. Publications. (Interview, below)
  • RG93-198 Carl, Merle and Frank Vostatek. Publications. (Interview, below)
  • RG93-71 Grace Wakeman. Newbrough letters, photos.
  • RG93-78 Rick Whitaker. Publications.
  • RG93-166 Linda Blazer. Collection of Audio Tapes (includes Faithist Conference held in Tiger, Georgia, July 29 - August 1, 1993, and taped interviews listed below)

      List of Interviews (RG93-166)

    • Dik Darnell of Hotchkiss, Colorado, interviewed by telephone, June 26, 1993. (1 tape)
    • Rev. Joan and Rev. Ken Greer of Palm Springs, California, interviewed by telephone, February 6, 1993. (2 tapes)
    • David Helper and Rev. Glenn P. Kendall of New York, New York, interviewed in David's apartment in the Bronx, March 21, 1993. (2 tapes)
    • Virginia Howard of Tiger, Georgia, interviewed by telephone, May 29, 1993. (2 tapes)
    • Jonn Kares of Kingman, Arizona, interviewed by telephone, May 7, 1993. (1 tape)
    • Geneva Liddon of Magdalena, New Mexico, interviewed in Geneva's home near Magdalena, February 24, 1993. (2 tapes)
    • Earl McConnell of Fresno, California, interviewed in Tiger, Georgia, August 1, 1993. (1 tape)
    • Dr. Robert N. Pavlosky and Wing-Yee Pavlosky of Morris Plains, New Jersey, interviewed in the Secretariat of the United Nations, New York, March 20, 1993. (2 tapes)
    • Bob Sullivan of Spencer, West Virginia, interviewed by telephone with Erma Jean Lee of Riverton, Utah, from Erma Jean's home, May 13, 1993. (1 tape)
    • Ziaa Szymanski of Oakland, California, interviewed by telephone, April 5, 1993. (2 tapes)
    • Larry Thompson of Indian Hills, Colorado, interviewed by telephone, February 22, 1993.  (2 tapes)
    • Candace Turner of Sarcoxie, Missouri, interviewed by telephone, February 26, 1993. (2 tapes)
    • Merle Vostatek of Mesa, Colorado; Frank Vostatek of Palisade, Colorado; and Carl Vostatek of Clifton, Colorado, interviewed with Erma Jean Lee of Riverton, Utah, in Carl's home, May 15, 1993. (3 tapes)
    • Dr. William Wakeman of Atlanta, Georgia, interviewed by telephone, June 26, 1993. (2 tapes)
    • Gwen Walton of Carrboro, North Carolina, interviewed by telephone, May 11, 1993. (2 tapes)
    • Ed Wilson, Paul Renner, and Dennis Renner of Cottonwood, Arizona, and LesLee Alexander of Flagstaff, Arizona, interviewed in Ed's home, April 21, 1993. (2 tapes)


  • RG85-50 Lilia Ramirez Escalante. "Recuerdos de Doña Ana."
  • RG87-156 Linda Blazer. Audio tape.
    Teleconference: Opal Lee Priestley, Grace Wakeman, Jim Dennon, Dorothy Wills, Phyllis Stoes Ideal, and Linda Blazer; NMSU, September 16, 1987. (Tape no. RG -T358)
  • RG88-176 Linda Blazer. Audio tape.
    Opal Lee Priestley, speech on Shalam Colony to the Doña Ana County Historical Society, September 15, 1988. (Tape no. RG-T359)
  • RG88-177 Linda Blazer. Audio tapes.
    Conversation: Opal Lee Priestley, Dr. David W. Francis, and Karen Howlind Watkins (Jone Howlind's granddaughter), Las Cruces, July 25, 1988. (Tape nos. RG-T360.1 and RG-T360.2)
  • RG88-178 Linda Blazer. Audio tape.
    Conversation: Opal Lee Priestley, Elnora Wiley, Karen Howlind Watkins, and Linda Blazer, NMSU Archives, October 11, 1988. (Tape no. RG-T361)
  • RG90-18 Joyce Allman. "Symbolic Convergence Theory and Fantasy Themes."
    Paper written as graduate student at Texas Tech University, December 8, 1989. Her stated purpose "is to apply the symbolic convergence theory to the Shalam Colony, a late 1800s utopian settlement."
  • RG90-70 Diane Hilton. Publications.
    Five editions of Oahspe transferred to Special Collections; remaining item is Saphah for Mortals.
  • RG90-142 Ella B. LeDesma. Taped interview.
    Ella LeDesma, great-granddaughter of John D. Barncastle and long-time Doña Ana resident, talks about Shalam Colony to Linda Blazer, November 29, 1990. (Tape nos. RG-T330.1 and RG-T330.2)
  • RG90-143 Elnora Wiley. Taped interview.
    Elnora Wiley talks about Shalam Colony to Linda Blazer, November 8, 1990. (Tape nos. RG-T331.1 and RG-T331.2)
  • RG90-144 Sammy Lopez. Taped interview.
    Sammy Lopez, long-time Doña Ana resident, talks about Shalam Colony to Linda Blazer, November 28, 1990. (Tape no. RG-T332)
  • RG93-143 Jim and Shirley Stewart. Taped interview.
    Shirley Stewart (granddaughter of Jone Howlind) and her husband Jim talk to Linda Blazer, NMSU Archives, August 31, 1993. (Tape no. RG-T274)
  • RG94-58 Linda Blazer. Audio Tape.
    Presentation: Opal Lee Priestley and Linda Blazer, Silver City, N.M., February 27, 1994. (Tape no. RG-T363)
  • RG95-99 Robert E. Buzan, Jr. Research Paper.
    Paper entitled, "Andrew Howland: Pioneer of Irrigated Agricultural Principles of the Mesilla Valley in the 1890's." History 570, April 17, 1995.