Esther Chávez Cano, 1933-2009

Esther Chávez Cano was a human rights activist who addressed the horrific effects of widespread violence against women and children in Juarez, Mexico

"We have much work left to do, the road ahead is long and hard. There will come a time when my voice becomes silent so that new voices can be heard to carry on the struggle for the rights of women, which, as I have said, is also for the rights of men, because it is the struggle for a more just and democratic society for all."
Esther Chávez Cano, November 9, 2007

In Memoriam: "The Woman Who Dared to Stand Tall on the Border" by Molly Molloy, January 12, 2010.

The Guide to the Esther Chávez Cano collection is available through the Rocky Mountain Archives (collection # Ms 0471).

Records of Chávez's activist work and her collection of newspaper clippings about crimes against women are housed in the Rio Grande Historical Collections. To view the collection, visit us in person or email us your inquiries or comments.

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