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Thank You, New Mexico!

Thank you to the voters of New Mexico for passing General Obligation Bond B.  Our state’s libraries needed you, and you came through for us.

The $9 million in funding for publicly funded academic, public, school and tribal libraries in New Mexico will enable libraries to update their book and journal collections and subscribe to information databases.

The NMSU Library will receive approximately $386,090 and the Doña Ana Community College Library will receive $83,349.  The NMSU-Alamogordo Library will receive approximately $26,442, the NMSU-Carlsbad Library will receive $13,539 and the NMSU-Grants Library will receive $10,461.

This successful initiative will make it possible for our libraries to continue to make a difference in New Mexico communities.

For more information, contact the NMSU Library Administration at (575) 646-1508.

November 7, 2012 Categories: News Thank You, New Mexico!