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New Mexico Academic Libraries Collaborate on Purchase of Electronic Resources

The New Mexico State University Library is one of twenty-six academic libraries in New Mexico that are collaborating on an innovative joint purchase of electronic resources.  Through the New Mexico Consortium of Academic Libraries (NMCAL), the higher education libraries recently purchased access for two years to ten online research databases and two e-book collections managed by EBSCO Publishing.NMCALlogo_small

Students at both large and small colleges in New Mexico benefit from the partnership.  The electronic resources are accessible through the NMSU Library’s home page at  Click on “E-book Collection (EBSCO).”  Individual bibliographic records for the e-books are also being loaded into the Library’s online catalog at, where they will be accessible to users of all five NMSU campuses.

The electronic resources offer information on a number of topics, including environment, history, literacy and technology.  The funding for the initiative comes from the academic library portion of general obligation bonds, which voters decide on every two years for all libraries across the state.

Christopher Schipper, NMCAL president and library director at San Juan College, said, “NMCAL looked at the amount of money that was allocated from the bond, then decided to set it aside to use for a joint purchase.  The challenge for us was that we wanted to provide access to all of our students on all campuses in the state.”

Schipper said that the two-year contract costs about $897,000 for the public colleges and universities involved in the initiative.  By purchasing as one entity, the schools will save about $230,000.  The plan has been in the works for five years.

For more information, contact the Library Information Desk at (575) 646-5792 or the Service Desk at (575) 646-6910.






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Library Photo Exhibit Explores a Turbulent Time in NMSU History

The NMSU Library announces a new exhibit, “New Mexico Agricultural College 1901-1920: The Forgotten Presidents: Foster, Garrison, Ladd and Crile.”  The free public exhibit will run from October 15 through mid-February 2014 in the Milton Gallery on the fourth floor of NMSU’s Branson Library.

NMSU President Garrison (1908-1913)

NMSU President Garrison (1908-1913)

The exhibit, organized by University Archivist Martha Shipman Andrews, draws from photographs and documents from NMSU’s Hobson-Huntsinger University Archives.

Shipman said, “The exhibit explores a turbulent time in NMSU’s history when it was struggling with its identity and its relationships with the state and federal governments. Each of these presidents brought unique talents and interests as leaders but faced such challenging circumstances as low enrollment, changing curriculum, political opposition, financial catastrophe and, not the least, world war and epidemic.”

The exhibit encompasses NMSU presidents Luther Foster (1901-1908), Dr. Winfred Ernest Garrison (1908-1913), Dr. George Edgar Ladd (1913-1917) and the Reverend Austin D. Crile (1917-1920).

Historian Dr. Rick Hendricks will present a lecture on President Garrison at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, October 23, on the fourth floor of Branson Library.  October is Archives Month nationally and the New Mexico State Archives theme in honor of the month is agriculture.

For more information, contact Andrews at (575) 646-5028 or Archives & Special Collections at (575) 646-3839.






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Branson Library to be Closed Over Weekend of October 12-13

NMSU Library officials announced that NMSU’s Branson Library will be closed Saturday and Sunday, October 12-13.  The closure, due to an electrical outage related to the Institute for Public Policy construction project, will also affect Young Hall on campus.

Library users are encouraged to use the services at Zuhl Library.  For more information, contact the Zuhl Information Desk at (575) 646-6910.

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Statewide Academic Librarians to Stage Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The New Mexico Consortium of Academic Libraries (NMCAL) will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony at Mesa Public Library in Los Alamos on Thursday, October 17, at 6:00 p.m., to celebrate an initiative five years in the making. The event will celebrate the new collaboration between universities and colleges in the state to use General Obligation funds to collectively purchase a set of databases that will provide every student, as well as all patrons of academic libraries, with access to reliable, quality information. NMCALlogo_small

As well as ensuring high-quality academic resources, negotiating the purchase of these databases as a single group will also save taxpayers over $230,000—a win-win situation for everyone.

“I am glad to see the use of GO bond monies being pooled together so that all schools can have access to the same resources.  The enabling of smaller schools to participate is a good use of limited funds.  In the future, schools may have to work together to best utilize resources,” commented Representative Roberto “Bobby” Gonzales of Taos.

“This is a landmark, history-making event for academic libraries in New Mexico” said Christopher Schipper, Library Director of San Juan College in Farmington as well as President of NMCAL.  “We have 26 public colleges and universities in this state and this initiative ensures that those living anywhere in New Mexico will have equal access to high quality information; it will promote information equality for all citizens,” Schipper said.

The New Mexico Consortium of Academic Libraries (NMCAL) is a consortium of 39 academic libraries in New Mexico.  NMCAL works to assure effective access to information through the collaborative efforts of academic libraries in New Mexico.  For more information, contact Schipper at (505) 566-3249.



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NMSU Library and Teaching Academy Announce Self-Publishing Workshop


NMSU’s Library and Teaching Academy are co-sponsoring a free self-publishing workshop to be held October 25 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Milton Hall Room 50.  This one-day class will demonstrate how to prepare your book for publication using Microsoft Publisher® and Adobe Photoshop Elements®.  Once you have your book prepared, you can upload it to and get it published without spending a dime.

Topics will include:

  • How to organize your book (title page, table of contents, etc.)
  • How to design a page (Look closely at several books and notice that pages are carefully designed)
  • How to use fonts and dingbats effectively (Don’t know what a “dingbat” is?  Come to the seminar and find out)
  • What decisions you have to make (What size font?  What size margins?)
  • How to use Microsoft Publisher®
  • How to prepare photographs for your book using Adobe Photoshop Elements®
  • How to design an effective cover
  • How to prepare your cover using Adobe Photoshop Elements®
  • How to submit your book to

The workshop will not cover e-book publishing such as the Kindle or Nook.

The workshop will be taught by Dr. Richard Davies, an NMSU alumni and the author of four self-published books.  Dr. Davies teaches self-publishing skills in the Continuing Education Division of Clayton State University, Morrow, Georgia.

Registration closes October 5.  To register, please visit or call (575) 646-2204.

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Update on the Library Materials Cancellation Project FY14

After conferring with University Administration, the Library is not proceeding at this time with the FY14 Library Materials Cancellation Project.  The materials budget shortfall has been addressed, and the Library will not be cancelling subscriptions and other library resources this academic year.

However, the materials budget shortfall for FY15 is projected to be substantial.  The Library will be working very closely with the NMSU Provost and his team in the months ahead to respond to this situation.

We appreciate the contributions made by many as we worked on this current cancellation project.  Please contact John Sandstrom at or Cindy Pierard at for additional information.


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Library Materials Cancellation Project, FY14

Date: August 29, 2013


Due to ongoing shortfalls in the materials budget, the Library has undertaken a FY14 cancellation project.  In spite of NM voters’ generous support of the 2012 GO Bond, a review of revenues and costs indicates a shortfall of $92,163.  Through titles that have ceased publication and the start of the new state-wide database program,  we have mitigated $34,227 of the shortfall, leaving $57,935 in cancellations that needed to be identified. To learn about the Library’s FY14 Materials Cancellation Project and see the title cancellation lists,  please consult the Libguide at If you have comments or questions, please contact the Library by Monday, September 9th.  Contact information is available on the LibGuide.



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Take a Tour of the NMSU Library

Date: August 29, 2013


CONTACT: NMSU Library Reference Desk , (575) 646-5792

Do you know where to go for help with a research paper? Or how to get books from libraries all over the world? Or where to browse DVDs, CDs, and current magazines?

According to NMSU Library Reference Assistant Wendy Simpson, the NMSU Library is a complex place, and many people do not know about the many useful resources that are available.

All members of the campus community are invited to join the Library staff for a forty-minute tour of both NMSU Library buildings. It is not necessary to sign up in advance. In addition to seeing highlights of services and collections, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Tours will begin at the Information Desk at Zuhl Library on the following dates and times:

Wednesday, September 4 11:30 am-12:10 pm & 12:30 – 1:10 pm
Thursday, September 5 11:00- 11:40am
Monday, September 9 10:30-11:10 am
Tuesday, September 10 1:00-1:40 pm
Thursday, September 19 3:00-3:40 pm
Friday, September 20 9:30-10:10 am

Individual tours can also be arranged. Students can get a certificate of attendance that instructors may count toward extra credit.

For more information contact Simpson at (575) 646-4129, the Information Desk at (575) 646-5792 or visit


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Book by NMSU Library Faculty Member is Now Available

Date: August 21, 2013


Ingrid Schneider, Assistant Professor at NMSU, is a co-author of the new book, The Metadata Manual: A Practical Workbook. The book was published in June by Chandos Publishing.

Written with Rebecca Lubas and Amy Jackson, faculty/librarians at the University of New Mexico, the book provides basic instruction in the creation of metadata, the descriptive information that makes digital objects searchable. The manual also provides specific information on four common metadata schemes and is intended for cultural heritage professionals who lack the resources needed to obtain formal metadata training

The Metadata Manual was developed from free metadata training workshops conducted by the authors throughout New Mexico and West Texas which were designed to assist small cultural heritage institutions in making their collections available online with minimal investment.

The book is available from Chandos Publishing (, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. For more information, contact Ingrid Schneider at

- 30 -

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Library Instruction Program Teaches Research Skills

The NMSU Library’s Instruction Program teaches research skills to thousands of students a year.  Most of them will come to one of our classrooms at least once while they are at NMSU.  Any class with a research project can receive library instruction. instruction_small

The Library offers instruction in basic library skills, course-specific instruction, small group instruction, drop-in workshops, tours and for-credit classes.  For-credit offerings include a 3-credit Viewing a Wider World class (LIB 311: Introduction to Information Literacy) and a 1-credit mini-semester course (LIB 101: Intro to Library Research).

Librarians provide outreach orientation for NMSU groups from diverse cultural or educational backgrounds.  They will also work with instructors, using whatever technologies they are employing, to provide library instruction for distance education classes.  They prepare LibGuides, online guides to library resources, for specific courses, assignments and subject areas.

Because many students come to NMSU with little or no knowledge of how to access information, library instruction is a crucial part of their university education.  Learn more about library instruction at


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