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NMSU Library Undertakes JSTOR Print Deselection Project

The NMSU Library is embarking on a deselection project of print journal volumes that are duplicated in the JSTOR online journal archive.  This project is one of many the Library will be undertaking to remove content either duplicated in electronic format or no longer relevant to its collections.  

Space is limited in both Branson and Zuhl libraries.  Neither building has room for growth.  In 2010, a structural engineer’s report pointed out that the upper floors in both buildings were overloaded.  For the past two years, the Library has moved collections to alleviate load stress on the upper floor.  The Library still needs to remove about 19,000 linear feet. 

In addition, the majority of Library users desire electronic access to journal titles.  By withdrawing print journals available electronically, the Library will be able to free up much-needed space for effective study environments and/or more widely-used collections.

JSTOR is an online archive of fully-searchable, printable, and downloadable digitized back issues of scholarly journals in disciplines including arts and sciences, botany and ecology, general sciences and business.  Originally a collaboration between the University of Michigan and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, JSTOR contains full runs of over one thousand individual journals.  The NMSU Library subscribes to four JSTOR collections: Arts and Sciences I, II, III and Biological Sciences. 

The Library has become a member of two important digital preservation organizations, Portico and the Western Regional Storage Trust (WEST).  With JSTOR, Portico and WEST in place, the Library is in position to move forward with critical decisions related to access, storage and space.  Under normal circumstances, print duplicates of journal titles which NMSU owns electronically through JSTOR will be withdrawn from the collection.

The Library is seeking NMSU faculty and student feedback on the project and journal list by December 17.  Visit to learn more about the project and to provide feedback.  Or contact your subject specialist (see with questions or feedback about specific titles or subjects in the JSTOR print deselection project.

For more information, contact Collection Development Coordinator Susan Beck  at (575) 646-6171 or  with overall questions or feedback about the JSTOR project. 


January 2, 2013 Categories: News NMSU Library Undertakes JSTOR Print Deselection Project