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NMSU Library Announces FY13 Materials Budget Reductions

Date:  September 4, 2012
CONTACT: Norice Lee, NMSU Library, (575) 646-1508,

NMSU Library is pleased to announce that it has received assistance in the form of one time funds from the University Administration to provide much-needed relief to the Library’s diminishing materials budget. Specifically, contributions of $150,000 from the President’s Office and $50,000 from the Provost’s Office will reduce the number of serial titles slated for cancellation this December and will also allow the Library to continue purchasing requested books throughout the coming year.

In May 2012 the Library announced that it would be cancelling 276 journal titles to meet its target amount of $200,000. University faculty contested the cancellation of 14 of the 276 titles, noting the high research value of each. Due to the generosity of the University Administration, the Library has reduced its cancellation list to 261 titles for a total cancellation amount of $167,935. These 261 journal titles show low use (10 or fewer uses), or no use, or cost $100 or more per use. In these times of budgetary austerity the Library must make difficult choices and must limit its subscriptions to publications of high use and/or low cost. A complete list of all titles slated for cancellation can be found at

Other library materials budgets were negatively impacted this year, including the book budget that experienced a 64% reduction. Given current funding realities, the NMSU Library will continue to face reductions every year, as its budget remains static, its external revenue streams decline and serials subscription prices continue to increase annually by 4% or more.

This fall New Mexico voters will have the opportunity to support libraries through the successful passage of GO Bond B. This bond initiative will provide $9 million ($3 million each to public, academic and school libraries statewide) for the acquisition of library materials, and $700,000 to tribal libraries for the purchase of library materials and construction. NMSU Library is projected to receive approximately $386,090 from GO Bond B which will help support library collections.

The Library wants to thank the NMSU community for its participation in this year’s materials budget reduction process. We value the time and energy this community contributed to the project. The Library strives to fulfill its mission of supporting and enhancing the teaching, research and outreach missions of the University. For more information contact Susan Beck, Collection Development Coordinator, at (575) 646-6171 or email


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