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Jeanette Smith Authors New Book on Library Humor

Date: May 10, 2012

CONTACT: Kristina Martinez, NMSU Library, (575) 646-3642,

NMSU Library faculty member Jeanette Smith is the author of a new book, “The Laughing Librarian: A History of American Library Humor.”  The book was published by McFarland and Company.

Smith’s examination of library humor between 1876, when   the American Library Association was founded, and the year 2000, spans the continuum between light and broad to dark and edgy humor from inside and outside the profession.  It covers a wide range of topics from library quiet to the sexy librarian, the library superhero, the fear of libraries and librarians, and librarian activism.

By highlighting humorous aspects of this seemingly serious occupation, this book provides insights into the library profession and encourages a better appreciation of libraries and librarians in society.

Smith has enjoyed reading and writing library humor since she became a librarian in 1973.  She received the 1999 Edmund Lester Pearson Library Humor Award for an essay she wrote for the NMSU Library newsletter and in 2005, she was named a Fellow of the premier library humor organization, the Molesworth Institute.

Smith said, “Humor is an essential part of every occupation.  In this book I am presenting the truths and the history of my profession as they were told to me in jest.”

“The Laughing Librarian” ($49.95) is available on the McFarland website at  It is also available on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.  For more information, contact Smith at


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