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Barbara Hart Receives Carl Faubion Award

NMSU Library employee Barbara Hart recently received the 2013 Carl Faubion Outstanding Library Staff Employee of the Year Award in a ceremony at Zuhl Library.

Hart, the Library’s Business Manager, was commended for her excellent customer service, demonstrated innovation and creative thinking in problem solving and contributions to reduced operating costs and administrative efficiencies. 

Library officials said that Barbara has an extraordinary knowledge base regarding Library operations and is always willing to share her expertise on complex fiscal operations with others, both of which serve to improve overall library efficiencies and effectiveness.  She is dedicated to her work and meticulous in her practices, frequently going above and beyond what is typically expected of staff in order to save the library money and stretch our limited fiscal resources.   

A consistently outstanding professional, Barbara exemplifies the qualities and spirit of the Carl Faubion award in so many ways: her commitment to the Library, her stewardship of resources, her deep knowledge of complex operations, and perhaps most notably, her ability to manage the library’s fiscal resources in a severe and changing economic environment. 

The Carl Faubion Award is presented annually to an exempt or non-exempt NMSU Library employee who exemplifies excellence in customer service, exceptional contributions to the library, innovation and creative thinking in problem solving or contributions which have reduced operating costs or resulted in administrative efficiencies.

The award was made possible by former NMSU President James E. Halligan and Mrs. Ann E. Halligan, who established the Carl Faubion Memorial Endowment for the NMSU Library in 2007.  The endowment was established in memory of the late Carl Faubion, Mesilla Valley farmer and former NMSU regent.

For more information, please contact the NMSU Library Administration at (575) 646-1508.

May 6, 2013 Categories: News Barbara Hart Receives Carl Faubion Award