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New Mexico State University

Instructions for Serials Collection Review and Assessment Project

  1. Information for each serial title listed includes the call number, three year price history, publisher, format and license restrictions (if any), usage data, and full text availability via database aggregators. See Explanatory Notes for a description of each column on the spreadsheets.
  2. Academic departments need to review, discuss and rank the serials on their list. Individuals may also wish to download the Excel files from this web site, reviewing and ranking titles listed.
  3. For each title departments and individuals wish to comment on, the Library asks that the reviewer assigns one of three rankings in the column labeled "Your Ranking":
        3-Minimally Useful
  4. Departments are encouraged to list up to 5 titles that are essential to their research or teaching activities that are not listed or subscribed to by the Library. The NMSU Library cannot guarantee new subscriptions but can weigh these essential titles departments have listed in the overall analysis of its serials collection.
  5. After all titles on the list have been reviewed and ranked, the department must email the completed Excel file as an attachment back to Susan Beck, Collection Development Coordinator, at as well as your assigned Subject Librarian. Please provide contact information on the file including department name.
  6. Please contact your Subject Librarian with questions about specific titles. General questions regarding the Serials Collection Review and Assessment Project may be sent to
  7. Please submit your rankings and comments by February 28, 2007.