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New Mexico State University

Explanatory Notes for Serials Lists

The title lists contain useful information about each serial title to help you with your ranking. Descriptive information is provided below explaining the scope and purpose of each column.

  1. Your Ranking
    Please enter one of the following three values for each title you wish to comment upon:
    3-Minimally Useful
  2. Title
    Titles listed represent all paid subscriptions. Serial titles to which the library does not subscribe but are available full text through our electronic databases are not included in these title lists.
  3. ISSN
    International Standard Serial Number, a unique identification number assigned to each serial title.
  4. Additional Full Text Availability
    Information in this column lists the availability and coverage for particular title via our full text databases. In some cases, the publisher of a specific title has not made available the most recent year; yet has allowed preceding years to be accessible. This is commonly known as an embargo.

    Please do not base your rankings solely on a title's full text availability. Full text availability via a specific database is volatile: databases may drop titles due to changes in publisher licensing; the library may decide to subscribe to another database; the title may be partially available but subject to newly licensed publisher embargoes.

    Database acronyms are:
    ALL: five or more databases host title  BC: Business & Company Resource Center
    BSP: Business Source Premier  CMMC: Communication & Mass Media Complete
    DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals  EA: Expanded Academic ASAP
    GR: General Reference Center Gold  JSTOR: JSTOR Arts and Sciences I Collection
    LN: LexisNexis Academic  OA: Freely Accessible Journals
    PM: PubMed Central  WS: Wilson Select Plus
  5. Publisher
  6. Call Number
  7. Notes
    Describes the format received such as print and electronic (P + E) or online only. Also notes whether specific licensing restrictions are in effect. In most cases, "online only" indicates the year the title converted from a print to an electronic subscription.
  8. Fund Name
    Name of fund to which the title is assigned. For the most part, these fund names represent academic departments.
  9. General Discipline
    Each title is assigned to a broad disciplinary group.
  10. Price History
    Annual subscription costs for the past three years. Prices may include additional features such as publishers' bundling titles into one payment, membership costs, etc. Consult your Subject Librarian for details.
  11. Online Usage by Year
    These counts represent the number of Full-Text Article Downloads, as reported by publishers according to COUNTER Codes of Practice. See for a full description of COUNTER practices.
  12. Click Through Usage
    The number of times a title was accessed via one of the library's databases or via title lookup on the library's electronic journals page at
  13. Print Usage
    The number of times a print volume was checked out as well as the number of times a print volume or single issue was selected from the shelf and then re-shelved by a library staff member.