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New Mexico State University

Serials Collection Review and Assessment Project, 2007

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Over the next few months, the New Mexico State University Library will be evaluating its current serial subscriptions to determine how best to meet the teaching and research needs of the University given available resources. Starting January 16, 2007 and continuing through February 28, 2007, we encourage the university community - faculty, staff and students - to review and comment on a list of approximately 2,800 serial titles.

Serials lists sorted by academic department are available for download from this site. Library liaisons and academic department heads have already received these lists via e-mail. We ask that departments and individuals complete their rankings of serials and return the ranked lists to Susan E. Beck ( by February 28, 2007.

Our project has several goals:

  • To realign our serials collection with current University instructional and research needs based on available funding.
  • To allow for the broadest possible participation of University community stakeholders by involving faculty, students and staff in the serials prioritization process.
  • To provide assessment outputs in terms of collection goals and strengths.
  • To develop a serials review model that can be integrated routinely.

Please help us with our serials review project. Follow the links below for instructions for the project, departmental serials lists, serials lists by general discipline, a complete serials list, and how to contact the library subject specialist assigned to your department or subject area.

InstructionsFinal Lists for Review and Comment
Frequently Asked QuestionsTitles to Be Added, 2008
Serials Lists by DepartmentTitles to Be Canceled, 2008
Serials Lists by General DisciplineFinal Message, October 2007
Complete Serials List 
Subject Specialists