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New Mexico State University

Introduction to EndNote Web It is a free, web-based citation management program. It can be used alone or in synch with EndNote X

Creating an account | Managing references | Adding references
Creating a bibliography | Cite While You Write | Internet browser plug-ins

EndNote Web or EndNote?  |  EndNote Web Tutorials

Creating an Account

Create an EndNote Web via ISI Web of Knowledge: -> Articles, Books, Journals etc. -> Web of Science -> Sign In -> Register

Once your account is created, you will be able to access EndNote Web from any computer, anywhere (your account expires one year after you have last logged on at a university computer).

Managing references

To add/edit/share groups (i.e. folders): Organize -> Manage My Groups

To move references from one group to another: My References

To find duplicate references: Organize -> Find Duplicates

Adding references

  1. To add references from a library catalog: Collect -> Online Search
    • Click Customize this list to add the New Mexico State University Libray’s catalog to your favorites.
    • Search the catalog.
    • Retrieve results.
    • Use drop-down menu to add citations to your groups.
  2. To add references manually: Collect -> New Reference
    • Add refererces, filling out at least all mandatory fields.
  3. To add references from databases: Collect -> Import References
    • After exporting/saving references from a database (see following information) , import references by choosing the appropriate file and format.
    • All Imported references will be filed in the [Unfiled] group.

Exporting/Importing via: (when in doubt, export with Reference Manager and import with the RIS filter)


    • Click Save, Print, Email
    • Click Save (choose file format)
    • Import with filter that matches the database name (e.g. Aqualine (CSA))


    • Click Add in the Results List view or Add to Folder in the Citation view
    • Access folder of citations by clicking on the Folder icon
    • Click Export
    • Choose Direct Export to EndNote Web
    • Records will automatically transfer into [Unfiled] folder

    Engineering Village

    • Click Download
    • Choose RIS, EndNote, ProCite, Reference Manager and click Download and Save the file
    • Import filter: Refman RIS

    First Search (OCLC)

    • From the list of marked records, click Export
    • Choose EndNote
    • Import with the filter that matches the database name with OCLC following it (e.g. ERIC (OCLC))


    • Click Citation Tools
    • Export via Reference Manager
    • Import filter: Refman RIS

    Google Books

    • Click Find this book in a library
    • Under Citations, click Export to EndNote
    • Save the file
    • Import filter: Refman RIS

    Google Scholar

    • Click Scholar Preferences
    • Under Bibliography Manager select Show links to import citations into RefMan
    • Click Save Preferences
    • After searching, click Import into RefMan and then Save the file
    • Import filter: Refman RIS

    Lexis Nexis

    • References must be entered manually: Collect -> New Reference


    • Click print/Export/Save
    • Choose In a format compatible with EndNote, Procite, etc., Click Export
    • Click Save Records
    • Import filter: Refman RIS

    PubMed & BioMed Central

    • References must be entered manually


    • Click Export Citation
    • Choose Save
    • Import filter: Refman RIS


    • Select records
    • Click Save to My EndNote Web (you will be prompted to log in to EndNote Web)
    • Records will automatically transfer into [Unfiled] folder


    • References must be entered manually

Creating a bibliography

Format -> Bibliography

  • Choose the group of references to be included in the bibliography
  • Choose the appropriate bibliographic style (click Customize this list to add styles to your favorites list)
  • Choose a file format for output.
  • Click Preview & Print to generate a bibliography that can be copied and pasted into a document.

Cite While You Write

To insert references, format citations, and format bibliographies automatically in Word:

Format -> Cite While You Write Plug-in

  • Access the Cite While You Write options via the Toolbars in Word (or via the Add-Ins tab in Word 2007)
  • Use the EndNote Web Help screen for specific instructions

Internet Browser Plug-ins

  • At the bottom of any page, click Download Installers
  • Download the appropriate plug-in(s) (the Internet Explorer plug-in is part of the Cite While You Write plug-in)
  • When browsing the Internet, use the Capture icon to launch an EndNote Web reference entry

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