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Library Use Zones

Policy No: 037
Approval Date: 4/16/08
Historical Notes: Revised October 16, 2010


The New Mexico State University Library will provide an environment that is conducive to learning and research. In order to meet the variety of activities that occur within library space, the following policy applies.

Quiet Study Zones

Both library buildings have areas designated for quiet study. Signs are posted in these areas:

Branson Library - the west sides of the 3rd and 4th floors.
Zuhl Library - the north side of the 3rd floor, the south side of the 2nd floor.

Everyone working in the quiet areas should keep noise to a minimum, which includes minimal conversation and turning off or silencing cell phones and pagers. If you must take a call, please move to the stairwell or area outside the elevators/restrooms to have a conversation. Quiet study zones are not appropriate for group study.

Group Study Zones

The Library does not have formally designated group study areas. Library users are welcome to use any of the informal group seating areas located throughout both library buildings. Although some noise and interaction is to be expected in these areas, the Library expects all users to be considerate of others.

Public Service and Computer Cluster Areas

In both library buildings, public service areas (i.e., Information Desk, Service Desk, Student Success Center, etc.) and computer areas are locations where some noise and interaction is to be expected because both groups and individuals work in these areas, and staff is often talking with users while assisting them. Earbuds are available from the Zuhl and Branson Service Desks. NMSU students, faculty, and staff may use their own laptops throughout both buildings, taking advantage of the campus wireless network. . NMSU students are also welcome to check out a laptop from Zuhl Library and use it anywhere within the building. The Library expects all users to be considerate of others.

Handling Problems

The Library staff will conduct periodic building walk-throughs to monitor noise levels. Library users are encouraged to report concerns about excessive noise or disruption to any Library public service desk. Library users who do not comply with this policy may be asked to change their behavior, move to a location more conducive to their needs, or leave the building, if the problem persists.