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Non-Remunerated Educational Experiences

Policy No: 017
Approval Date: 5/4/07
Historical Notes:


The NMSU Library supports non-remunerated educational experiences for students enrolled in formal library education programs. The goal of the program is to supplement the student's education, while also meeting the needs and mission of the Library.


  1. Students desiring an educational experience will contact the Department Head in whose department they wish to work. Students should be aware that opportunities may not be available every semester.
  2. Working with the Department Head, the student will prepare a proposal that includes the following:
    • brief introduction, stating student's name, library education program, and any other pertinent information;
    • student's stated goals, objectives, anticipated outcomes as well as a timeline for the educational experience;
    • specific objectives for department/unit staff working with the student;
    • stated requirements to be met by the student for the library education program;
    • stated requirements to be met by the library staff member supervising the student.
  3. The proposal will be submitted to the Associate Dean, through the Department Head, for approval.
  4. The Associate Dean will notify the Department Head of the acceptance or rejection of the proposal, including any modifications. The Department Head will notify the student.
  5. Students are responsible for completing and submitting all paperwork, tasks, and other requirements of the Library as well as their library education program.
  6. The faculty advisor from the library education program is responsible for tracking the student's progress and maintaining contact with the library supervisor throughout the course of the educational experience.
  7. A copy of the completed student evaluation required by the library education program will be forwarded to the Associate Dean.
  8. The Library reserves the right to terminate the educational experience at any time.