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Unattended Children

Policy No: 005
Approval Date: 6/25/03
Historical Notes:


All children are subject to library building rules and regulations. All children aged 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult.


  1. If unattended children are doing something that is inappropriate or that could result in their injury, library staff should intervene and initiate, as appropriate, the following:
    • Remove them from danger.
    • Request that the activity be discontinued (e.g., playing in elevators or stairs).
    • Notify NMSU Police if they refuse to stop the behavior.
  2. If children are lost or frightened, try to calm and reassure them and then take them to the circulation desk. The circulation staff will notify the police.
  3. Direct all inquiries regarding missing children to NMSU Police.
  4. Anyone being disruptive will be asked to leave the building.