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New Mexico State University
NMSU Library

Make A Difference List

Digital Measures Endowments:

  • An endowment established to fund a Digital Projects Manager as a full time position on the NMSU library staff would allow us to recruit and retain the best and most talented people to manage and expand digital projects at the NMSU Library in perpetuity.
  • An endowment established to help fund the cost of digital initiatives in all areas of the Library which will allow us to provide our patrons with access to our collections and resources online, all the time.

    Some Examples of current digital initiatives

Library Materials Endowments:

  • To support the purchase of scholarly journal subscriptions - $2 million -Journal subscriptions are the most timely and highly requested resources in academic research and inflation of these scholarly resources continues to rise at an average of 4-8% each year, while our materials budget consistently stays flat. An endowment for scholarly journal subscriptions will allow us to support journal subscriptions in growing and/or emerging teaching and research programs and purchase titles we could not otherwise afford.
  • To support the Library's book collections - $1 million - The scholarship of future students, faculty, alumni and friends depends on a library collection that is maintained in its excellence and accessibility. An endowed fund to support NMSU Library's book collections will allow us to develop and enhance in perpetuity the diversity, richness and completeness of our book holdings.

Library Staff Development Endowment

Funds to support training and development opportunities for Library staff

"The Destination" Endowment

Funds to establish NMSU Library as "The Destination" on campus by improving user spaces, creation of new spaces and environments including research carrels and group study rooms, furnishings, computers, etc.

Building A Border Archives Collection - In the NMSU Library Archives and Special Collections Department

Funds to acquire, preserve, and provide access to unique materials documenting the U.S.-Mexico border history, culture, and social reality.