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New Mexico State University
NMSU Library

Additional Guidelines for Gifts of Journals & Magazines

Considered for Acceptance

  1. Journal titles in the New Mexico State University Library online catalog.
    We can accept only those issues the catalog shows we are missing.
  2. Journal titles that are not in the New Mexico State University Library online catalog.
    • New titles must be reviewed and accepted by the librarian/selector in the appropriate subject area before the title can be added.
    • Generally, there must be a minimum of three complete, consecutive years of the title, or a promise of continuing to donate every issue of the titled journal for a minimum of three years, for the Library to accept print copies.

Generally Not Considered for Acceptance

  1. Journal issues purchased at the individual rate: These cannot be mailed from the publisher to our institution. However, issues can be donated once they are no longer current.
  2. Journals in poor condition.

The library may make exceptions for journals and magazines in priority subject areas, for example:

  • NMSU, Dona Ana County, or New Mexico
  • Musical Scores
  • Latin American imprints
  • Items appropriate for Special Collections
  • Water Issues
  • Agriculture, particularly in New Mexico or the region

For more information, contact the Gifts Unit at (575-646-6297 or by email).