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New Mexico State University

NMSU Library Endowments

Archives and Special Collections Department:

  • Apodaca Endowed Fund for Family Collections – to support the acquisition, preservation processing and sharing of important collections of primary research materials that illuminate the histories, lives, activities and achievements of the families of Southern New Mexico and the Southwest Region
  • Barbara L. Myers Special Projects Assistants Endowment - To pay salaries to hire assistants for the purpose of processing archival materials for the RGHC in the Archives & Special Collections Dept. of the NMSU Library.
  • Camien Archives – to aid in the development of the NMSU Library Archives to support the entire curricula of NMSU
  • Carl Faubion Memorial Endowment - Income used to build a Library endowment fund to support an award to be made annually to a staff or student worker at the NMSU Library.
  • Casad Bennett Endowment for Mesilla Valley Collections – to support the preservation, processing and promotion of any and all collections deriving from or pertaining to the Mesilla Valley in the Rio Grande Historical Collections
  • DeWitt Chile Pepper Institute Endowed Fund - To process, preserve & make accesible to the public the collection of materials donated by Mr. Dave DeWitt. Income may also be used to process, preserve & make accessible to the public other collections or materials which enhance and compliment the collection donated by Dave DeWitt.
  • Dora Blossom Gile Memorial Endowment – to provide monies for the acquisition, processing and making available for research the collections, archives, manuscripts and other unique and near unique documentary materials
  • Horace L. Hagerman Endowed Fund - To support the preservation and processing of Hagerman and DeBremond family archival materials. When family materials are complete, funds may be used to support the processing and preservation of other archival materials
  • Humboldt Mandell/ Casad Family Endowment – to support the acquisition, preservation, processing and sharing collections of the extraordinary families of Southern New Mexico and the Southwest Region
  • Newberry Endowment for Agricultural Collections – to support the collection, preservation, processing and promotion of archival collections that document the history of agriculture and agricultural innovation in the Mesilla Valley and its environs
  • RGHC Huntsinger and RGHC Rhodes Lectures – archival endowment to help underwrite the work of the Hobson-Huntsinger University Archives and the RGHC and to match lectureship funding received from the State of New Mexico
  • RGHC Sutherland- McManus – to be used for operating and other expenses relating to the maintenance of the Rio Grande Historical Collections
  • Rio Grande Historical Collections – to support the collections pertaining to the history of the Mesilla Valley, Las Cruces and the region
  • Seaborn P. and Lelia Jane Collins Endowment - To support collection, processing & publication of non-current and unpublished manuscripts, documents & images that show the rich institutional, academic & social progress of NM

Business and Economics:

  • Don Blayney Family Endowed Fund – to support the purchase of journal subscriptions in Business Administration and Economics


  • Douglas Memorial Fund – to purchase books on education for the NMSU Library


  • Leza Library Acquisitions – to purchase new books for the library in the field of engineering and science
  • Lockheed Martin/ Sandia Laboratories Endowment for Engineering Journals – to provide the NMSU Library with funds to purchase engineering journals

General Library Support:

  • Anna H. Gardiner – to provide support for the library including the purchase of library materials, library expenses and personnel services for the library
  • Duhrsen Memorial Fund – to purchase current newspaper subscriptions
  • Library Centennial – funds available for the general support of the NMSU Library
  • Lyman Fund – for the purchase of newspapers and magazines
  • Student Library Endowment Fund – to be used for new library facilities


  • Alpha Geoffrey Demetrius Endowment – to purchase award winning Children’s Literature
  • Baldwin Memorial Fund – to be used for the purchase of books in the fields of History, Political Science, Sociology, Philosophy and Geography
  • Benfer Historical/ Contemporary Acquisitions – for the purchase of historical and contemporary materials in the field of Communications and related subjects
  • Barbara Lee Myers Endowment – to support the purchase of journal subscriptions in Asian Studies
  • Caroline Stras Endowed Fund – for the collection of resources supporting Women’s Studies
  • Dougherty Memorial Fund – to purchase books for the Department of Sociology and Anthropology
  • Kaplan Fund – for the acquisition of materials on Judaica and Jews in the American West
  • Southwest and Border Cultures Institute Library Acquisition Fund – for library materials in disciplines relevant to the humanities (Anthropology, English, History and Spanish)


  • Regis Guest Memorial Endowment – for the acquisition, processing and preservation of music related material for the library collections

Social Work:

  • Robert Jay Titus Social Work Literature Endowment – for the purchase of library material on child abuse, violence in the family, adolescent counseling and family counseling