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New Mexico State University
NMSU Library

About NMSU Library

The New Mexico State University Library was established in 1890, with the purchase of Johnston's Encyclopedia and Webster's Dictionary for $31.50. It is now the second largest academic research library in the state providing expanding resources and services to students, faculty, staff, the community and many other scholars. A diverse, growing knowledge community brings its intellectual interests and scholarly pursuits to our real and virtual doorsteps daily, making NMSU Library "the destination" for students, faculty, researchers, community patrons and others who enjoy the resources that only an academic research library can provide. We encourage you to come and visit, whether it's to study, write a paper, find a quite space to dive into your favorite book, research your family history, work on a group project, search the World Wide Web, or to tour the Zuhl Geological Collection.

More About Us

We thank you, our donors, who help us fulfill our mission of supporting research, teaching and learning. We would not be able to fully serve the thousands of constituents at our doorsteps now and in the future without your support!