History of the Shalam Colony

The Orphans

The Children
The children brought to the colony.

The children for whom the colony was established were brought from several different cities, although never in the numbers first envisioned. Receiving stations were set up in New Orleans, Chicago, Kansas City, and Philadelphia. Katherine Stoes, a Las Cruces history enthusiast and a friend of Frances Newbrough Howland, has described the Newbrough's home in New Orleans as containing a baby crib near which was a sign that read, "Children Wanted and No Questions Asked."

The Castaway, a newsletter
"The Castaway" newsletter

The Newbroughs stayed in New Orleans for several months in 1889 to gather foundlings. During this time, John Newbrough published a newsletter called "The Castaway," in which he describes the colony in New Mexico and enlisted support for it.

Although the report of the first Faithist convention, held in New York in 1883, mentioned plans to raise from 300-500 children in each of several homes, there were only some 50 children at Shalam Colony during the course of its existence.