History of the Loretto Academy

Student Activities

Orchestra 1940s
The Loretto Orchestra in the early 1940s.

During their recreation time the girls at the Academy could enjoy tennis, skating, listening to the radio, or reading. Music was a favorite activity and there were many bands including the Loretto Orchestra and Rhythm Orchestra.

After school activities for the students included organized sports. In 1909, a strip of land between the irrigation ditch and the convent was purchased and converted into a playground complete with basketball and tennis courts. The Athletic Club sponsored tennis and basketball teams as well as hiking and other sports.

Students at leisure
Students of Loretto enjoy their leisure time

In addition to organized sports, the Sisters provided special events and field trips for their students. The Sisters organized picnics and day trips to Guadalupe Ascarate's ranch, and they held annual exhibitions in which the students performed and entertained the community. There were also field trips to the new public library as well as to movies and lectures. The Sisters and their pupils were involved in the cultural life of Las Cruces in many ways.

Information based on the thesis The Sisters of Loretto in Las Cruces: The Education and "Americanization" of a Frontier Community, 1870-1943 by Wendy C. Simpson.