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Current Exhibits

Library Photo Exhibit Explores a Turbulent Time in NMSU History

A new public exhibit, "New Mexico Agricultural College 1901-1920: The Forgotten Presidents: Foster, Garrison, Ladd and Crile" will run from October 15 through mid-February 2014 in the Milton Gallery on the fourth floor of NMSU's Branson Library.

The exhibit, organized by University Archivist Martha Shipman Andrews, draws from photographs and documents from NMSU's Hobson-Huntsinger University Archives. Shipman said, "The exhibit explores a turbulent time in NMSU's history when it was struggling with its identity and its relationships with the state and federal governments. Each of these presidents brought unique talents and interests as leaders but faced such challenging circumstances as low enrollment, changing curriculum, political opposition, financial catastrophe and, not the least, world war and epidemic."

For more information, contact Andrews at (575) 646-5028 or Archives & Special Collections at (575) 646-3839.

Holy Family Retablo

NMSU Retablos Displayed at Library

Location: Library Dean's Office, Zuhl Rm#224:

The display in the Library is but a sampling of the University's collection. New Mexico State University holds the largest public collection of retablos in the United States. From 1963 to 1973, more than 1,700 retablos were donated to the University.

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