Gerald Thomas Diary Entries 1943-44

Tuesday Nov. 30 (1943)
     The air group was launched this morning before breakfast for a coordinated attack on the Task Force. I watched the attack from the Flight Deck. A great show.
     Recovered all planes without an accident.
     The Ranger has lost 4 SBD's, 12 Fighters, and 1 TBF since we left the States.
     The glassy sea this morning was a prelude to the terrific storm we hit tonight.
     Won about $30 in a crap game tonight.

Wednesday - Dec. 1st (1943)
     Stormy weather kept the Air Group in Condition. Thirteen all day. Wind rain and ground swells made shipboard life rather unpleasant.
     Black Jack, Poker, and Craps kept the boys entertained this evening.