This series contains information about the management of Senator Domeniciís Washington office, resource files, schedules, staff, travel, and diaries. Also included is information regarding the Senatorís website, invitations, personal appearances, and biographical information.


The series contains audio and video in a variety of formats; still images; motion picture film; oral histories; television interviews; public appearances; public relations; campaign advertisements; and congressional presentations on programs such as C-Span, Face the Nation, and This Week with David Brinkley. Although most items in this series is in electronic format, some transcripts are included.


Letters from family, colleagues, constituents, and VIPís make up a large part of this series. Other items include correspondence regarding appointments (academy, VIP, etc.), project files, and mass mailings.

thumbnail image of letter to Domenici from cousin in Italy   thumbnail image of letter to Domenici from cousin's teacher   thumbnail image of letter to Domenici's cousin in Italy   thumbnail image of letter from Ted Turner to Domenici
Letter from cousin in Italy   Letter from cousin's teacher in Italy   Letter to cousin in Italy   Letter from Ted Turner


The legislative series is the largest in the collection. Here one can find copies of bills; correspondence, reports, and presentations concerning those bills and legislation in general; specific speeches; committee information; and Senate procedures.


This series contains information on Senator Domeniciís campaigns for election and re-election to the U.S. Senate and the Republican National Committee.


Office holders collect newspaper and magazine clippings when researching issues and these often comprise a fairly large amount of space in an individualís papers. Here are also found interviews with Senator Domenici and others; published items written by the Senator; speeches; press kits; and press releases.


Documents in this series cover New Mexico state issues, Senator Domenicií state offices, and other issues in which he took an interest. Water and state politics are well represented here.


Smaller series include material grouped as General/Miscellaneous, Maps, Additions, Photos, Memorabilia, and Public Policy Conference. There are a large number of Case files which are sealed for 25 years and will have limited access thereafter.

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