New Mexico State University

Library Classroom Guidelines for Use

In order to reserve a Library Classroom (Zuhl Library Room #123, or Branson Library Room #125,) you must read and agree to the terms of use, based on the Library's policy 009 - "Use of NMSU Library Classrooms".

All reservations are tentative and announcements of your event should only follow confirmation from the Calendar Administrator.

  • University Library departments receive priority in scheduling. The University Library Administration reserves the right to preempt any reservation in case of emergency and to cancel any reservation where misrepresentation is involved.
  • The Library classrooms are intended only for library-related events. Non-library related activities such as software training, administering exams, etc. can be scheduled in the ICT classrooms.
  • Illegal or disruptive activity will not be allowed in the classrooms, nor will any activity that damages hardware, software, or furnishings. Food and drink are not permitted in the classrooms.
  • No software or hardware will be added to the classrooms without the joint permission of the Head of Systems and the Instruction Coordinator.
  • NMSU Library Staff May request one of the classrooms for library-related events.
  • NMSU Staff - May schedule the classrooms for a total of three times per semester for library-related instruction.
  • Non-NMSU or Visiting School Groups - Contact the Library’s Instruction Coordinator to discuss the purpose of the visit and to arrange a suitable time. Visiting groups must be sponsored by the University and/or Library.

If you agree to the guidelines:

Print out the guidelines and the completed library classroom request form as a receipt for your reservation request.