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Recent Acquisitions for U.S. - Mexico Border & Latin American Studies in the NMSU Library:

The Border & Latin American Books List features titles added to the NMSU Library's collection during the past year. The list is roughly organized into broad subjects using the Library of Congress (LC) subject classification system and is indexed by the LC call number. This list is divided into broad subject areas for browsing, however, the user should do title, author or subject searches on OLE, the online catalog if looking for something specific. This list contains only those books recently added to the library catalog. Many more books are available in all subject areas. This list does contain many older books that came to the library through purchases and gifts.

The author, title, publisher, publishing date and call number are provided for each book listed. When you find a book on the list that you would like to check-out from the library - you will need to consult OLE, the online catalog for the following information:

Part 1

General Works, Philosophy, Psychology
Religion and History
History of Mexico
History: Latin America and Caribbean
Geography, Anthropology and Sports
General Social Sciences
Statistics and Business
Political Science & Law
Fine Arts

Part 2

Linguistics & Literature
Litera ture of Spain
Latin American Literature: General
Literature: Mexico
Literature: Caribbean (Cuba, Puerto Rico, etc.)
Literature: Central America
Literature: South America (except Brazil)
Literature: Portugal, Brazil
Literature: Hispanic (US and Others)
Science, Technology and Bibliographies

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