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New Mexico State University
NMSU Library

Collection Development

The primary purpose of the Library's Collection Development program is to fulfill the Universityís ongoing needs for information resources that support its fundamental land grant university mission in teaching, research, and service. The program also expands and strengthens core resources; keeps resources current with advances in information technology; provides basic support for the information needs of the Universityís non-academic units; and partners with others in the research library community to facilitate exchange of scholarly information at the state, national, and international levels.

The activities of the collection development program include the ongoing identification, selection, acquisition, and de-selection of current and retrospective materials, including gifts-in-kind, to build the libraryís collections. Other activities include planning and instituting rational approaches to consistently provide access to information resources matching our usersí needs, and conducting ongoing assessments of collections and resources to determine their suitability in meeting user needs.

Two overarching characteristics of New Mexico State University are transformation and change. It is these same characteristics that influence the development of collections and services within the library system. In doing so, the library adapts as it responds both to changes in the university and to external changes. Therefore, its collection development policies must remain flexible enough to engage both the response to and anticipation of a changing society and its corresponding university community.

Please contact our Collection Development Coordinator, if you have questions about the Library's collections.