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NMSU Library 1998 Journal Cancellations

In Spring Semester, 1997, faculty from all academic departments at NMSU were asked to provide the titles of journals they would recommend for cancellation to help the library meet its 1998 periodicals budget. This list is a compilation of those titles, updated with some substitutions made in September. It has been sent to vendors, and the cancellations will be effective January 1, 1998. Some of the titles are being canceled in exchange for new titles being added. For more information about the library's journals or cancellation procedures, please contact your selector or Molly Molloy, mmolloy@lib.nmsu.edu.





College of Agriculture

Agricultural Economics and Business

Agricultural Review for Europe$35.87 AGE0085-5618
Cereal Foods World$97.85 AGE0146-6283
Commodity Review & Outlook$52.50 AGE0071-7002
Cotton Digest International$41.20 AGE0090-2462
Cotton International$33.84 AGE0070-0673
FAO Agriculture Series$59.00 AGENone
FAO Environment & Energy Paper$20.00 AGE1011-5374
FAO Production Yearbook$52.50 AGE0071-7118
FAO Statistical Development Series$47.25 AGE1014-3378
Journal of the Association of Food & Drug Officials$75.19 AGE0195-4865

Agronomy and Horticulture

Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica$340.00 AGHT
    Section A. Animal Science
    Section B. Soil & Plant Science
Agriculture & Equipment International$80.19 AGHT0269-2457
Agriculture & Human Values$200.00 AGHT0889-048X
American Christmas Tree Journal$46.35 AGHT0569-3845
American Hemerocallis Society Membership$18.54 AGHT
    American Hemerocallis Society Region 6 Newsletter: Texas & New Mexico
    Daylily Journal
American Potato Journal$66.95 AGHT0003-0589
Brooklyn Botanic Garden Membership$25.75 AGHTNone
    21st-Century Gardening Series
Citrograph$20.55 AGHT0009-7578
Cotton Gin & Oil Mill Press$10.30 AGHT0010-9800
Cotton Grower$16.48 AGHT0194-9772
FAO Training Series$31.50 AGHT0259-2533
Field Crops Research$1,327.39 AGHT0378-4290
Forest Products$52.50 AGHT0084-3768
Fruit Varieties Journal$39.14 AGHT0091-3642
Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences$51.50 AGHT0019-5022
Industrial Crops & Products$272.08 AGHT0926-6690
Journal of Sugar Beet Research$36.05 AGHT0899-1502
Molecular Plant - Microbe Interactions: MPMI$293.55 AGHT0894-0282
National Corn Growers Association Membership$25.75 AGHTNone
    National Corn Grower
    Corn Farmer
Nursery Retailer$46.35 AGHT
    Nursery Business Grower
Orchids: Magazine of the American Orchid Soc.$60.00 AGHT1087-1950
Pacific Coast Nurseryman & Garden Supply Dealer$24.72 AGHT0192-7159
Plant Growth Regulation$550.84 AGHT0167-6903
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Florida State Horticultural Society$28.20 AGHT0097-1219
Soil & Tillage Research$1,099.00 AGHT0167-1987
Tropical Agriculture$271.63 AGHT0041-3216
Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenerahrung und Boddenkunde$437.75 AGHT0044-3263

Animal and Range Science

Animal Technology: Jrnl of the Inst. of Animal Technicians$74.75 ANSC0264-4754
British Veterinary Journal$301.16 ANSC0007-1935
Brown Swiss Bulletin$20.00 ANSC0007-2516
Canadian Veterinary Journal$118.45 ANSC0008-5286
Irish Veterinary Journal$110.35 ANSC0368-0762
Journal of Invertebrate Pathology$566.50 ANSC0022-2011
Journal of the South African Veterinary Assoc.$309.00 ANSC0301-0732
Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research$27.66 ANSC0030-2465
Zeitschrift fur Tierphysiologie, Tierernahrung & Futtermittelkunde$762.20 ANSC0931-2439

Agriculture and Extension Education

Food & Agricultural Legislation$25.00 AXED0015-6221

Entomology, Plant Pathology & Weed Science

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata$1,118.58 EPP0013-8703
Phytopathologische Zeitschrift. Journal of Phytopathology$1,254.40 EPP0031-9481

Family and Consumer Science; HRTS

Canadian Home Economics Journal$53.14 HEC0008-3763
Food Production Management$25.75 HEC0191-6181
Textile Institute Subscription Package$504.70 HEC
    Journal of the Textile Institute
    Textile Progress

Fishery and Wildlife Science

Ecotoxicology$370.80 WLSC
Ecotoxicology & Environmental Safety$509.85 WLSC

College of Arts and Sciences


Bulletin of the Detroit Institute of Arts$16.48 ART0011-9636
Goya$75.00 ART0017-2715
High Performance$36.05 ART0160-9769
Leonardo$339.00 ART0024-094X
    Leonardo Music Journal
Master Drawings$61.80 ART0025-5025
Paragone$228.08 ART0031-1650
YLEN: [Newsletter]$46.35 ART1057-2031


AAS History Series$180.00 ASTR0730-3564
Acta Astronomica$116.55 ASTR0001-5237
Celestial Mechanics & Dynamical Astronomy$1,209.74 ASTR0923-2958
Chaos$381.10 ASTR1054-1500
Chinese Astronomy & Astrophysics$1,062.96 ASTR0275-1062
Journal of Astrophysics & Astronomy$103.00 ASTR0250-6335
Solar System Research$1,160.00 ASTR0038-0946
Vistas in Astronomy$618.00 ASTR0083-6656
Zemlia I Vselennia$138.02 ASTR0044-3948


Breeding Science$194.67 BIOL0536-3683
Experimental Brain Research$4,019.19 BIOL0014-4819
General Pharmacology$2,056.91 BIOL0306-3623
Genetic Counseling$221.33 BIOL1015-8146
Human Biology$135.96 BIOL0018-7143
Human Heredity$457.73 BIOL0001-5652
International Journal for Vitamin & Nutrition Research$198.79 BIOL0300-9831
Journal of Motor Behavior$123.60 BIOL0022-2895
Journal of Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics$412.00 BIOL0022-3565
Journal of Reproduction & Fertility$473.80 BIOL0022-4251
    Journal of Reproduction & Fertility. Abstract Series
Journal of Reproduction & Fertility, Supplement$59.41 BIOLNone
Microbiology (NY)$1,525.00 BIOL0026-2617
Microbiology & Immunology$262.65 BIOL0385-5600
Neurobiology of Learning & Memory$504.70 BIOL1074-7427
Physiological & Molecular Plant Pathology$639.92 BIOL0885-5765
Plant Ecology$2,031.60 BIOL0042-3106
Psychophysiology$128.75 BIOL0048-5772
    Part A: Human Experimental Psychology
    Part B: Comparative & Physiological Psychology
Reproduction, Fertility, & Development$360.50 BIOL
Sociobiology$51.50 BIOL0361-6525

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Abstracts of Papers - American Chem. Soc. (ACS)$52.19 CHEM0065-7727
ACS Symposium Series$3,309.03 CHEM0097-6156
    Analytical Chemistry
Acta Chimica Scandinavica$578.21 CHEM0904-213X
Advances in Lipid Research$0.00 CHEM0065-2849
Advances in Second Messenger & Phosphoprotein Res.$100.00 CHEM1040-7952
Biochemical Genetics695.25 CHEM0006-2928
Biochemical Pharmacology$4,068.50 CHEM0006-2952
Biochimie$740.57 CHEM0300-9084
Biological Magnetic Resonance$0.00 CHEMNone
Biopolymers$3,728.60 CHEM0006-3525
British Journal of Pharmacology$1,710.73 CHEM0007-1188
Catalysis Reviews: Science & Engineering$628.30CHEM0161-4940
Chemical Communications$1,154.63CHEMNone
Chemico-Biological Interactions$1,684.50 CHEM0009-2797
Israel Journal of Chemistry$334.75 CHEM0021-2148
Journal of Applied Electrochemistry$1,005.28 CHEM0021-891X
Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics$864.27 CHEM0021-9614
Journal of Environmental Pathology, Toxicology, & Oncology $389.34CHEM0731-8898
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry$7,265.15 CHEM0022-328X
Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmacology$581.95 CHEM0022-3573
Liebigs Annalen/Recueil$1,725.25 CHEM0947-3440
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry$2,569.85 CHEM0749-1581
Methods of Biochemical Analysis$0.00 CHEM0076-6941
Methods in Pharmacology$0.00 CHEM0091-3030
Molecular Pharmacology$272.95 CHEM0026-895X
New Comprehensive Biochemistry$446.50 CHEM0167-7306
New Trends in Chemistry Teaching$0.00 CHEMNone
Pharmacological Reviews$129 CHEM0031-6997
Pharmacology$915.46 CHEM0031-7012
Progress in Lipid Research$697.31 CHEM0163-7827
Progress in Physical Organic Chemistry$0.00 CHEM0079-6667
Progress in Polymer Science$1,160.81 CHEM0079-6700
Pure & Applied Chemistry$1,081.50CHEM0033-4545
Radiochimica Acta$1,107.11 CHEM0033-8230
Recueil: Jrnl of the Royal Netherlands Chem. Soc.$600.00 CHEM0165-0513
Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry$2,215.53CHEMNone
Separation & Purification Methods$406.85 CHEM0360-2540
Special Publication (Royal Soc. of Chemistry)$2,078.56 CHEM0260-6291
Structure & Bonding$136.66 CHEM0081-5993

Criminal Justice

International Review of Criminal Policy$32.47 CJ0074-7688
Journal of Criminal Law$164.80 CJ0022-0183
Journal of Forensic Sciences$129.00 CJ0022-1198
Law & Human Behavior$406.85 CJ0147-7307

Communication Studies

Communication Education$103.00 COMM0363-4523
Quarterly Journal of Speech$103.00 COMM0033-5630

Computer Science

Lecture Notes in Computer Science$9,344.00 CS
    Mathematical Fdns. of Computer Science: Proceedings


Alice James Books$30.63 ENGLNone
Analog Science Fiction & Fact$34.99 ENGL1059-2113
Anthropology & Archeology of Eurasia$431.58 ENGL1061-1959
Biblical Archaeologist$46.35 ENGL0006-0895
Brownings' Correspondence$80.00 ENGLNone
Contemporary Review$164.80 ENGL0010-7565
Critique$61.80 ENGL0011-1619
Editorial Eye$101.97 ENGL0193-7383
Journal for the Study of Judaism in the Persian, Hellenistic, & Roman Period$160.00 ENGL0047-2212
    Archaeological Reports for ...
Law & History Review$51.50 ENGL0738-2480
Malahat Review$36.05 ENGL0025-1216
Mawa Review$206.00 ENGL0742-9738
Metaphor & Symbolic Activity$226.60 ENGL0885-7253
New York Folklore Society Membership$51.50 ENGL
    New York Folklore
    New York Folklore Newsletter
Obsidian II$12.36 ENGL0888-4412
Off Our Backs$56.65 ENGL0030-0071
Phoenix$49.05 ENGL0031-8299
Proceedings$92.12 ENGLNone
Semiotica$683.77 ENGL0037-1998
Skakespeare Yearbook$110.87 ENGL1045-9456
Upstart Crow Press$10.00 ENGL0886-2168


Canadian Geographic$26.34 GEOG0706-2168
Canadian Geographer. Geographe Canadien$53.14 GEOG0008-3658
Geografiska Annaler. Sections A & B (Package)GEOG
Geografiska Annaler. Series A. Physical Geography$128.00 GEOG0435-3676
Geografiska Annaler. Series B. Human Geography$184.00 GEOG0435-3684
Zeitschrift fur Geomorphologie, Supplement$399.98 GEOG0044-2798
Zeitschrift fur Geomorphologie$199.99 GEOG0372-8854


Canadian Mineralogist$303.85 GEOL0008-4476
Journal of Volcanology & Geothermal Research$1,630.48 GEOL0377-0273
Mineralogical Magazine$237.93 GEOL0026-461X
Mining Voice$37.08 GEOLNone
Oil & Gas Journal$149.35 GEOL0030-1388
Organic Geochemistry$1,861.21 GEOL0146-6380


Annual Review of United Nations Affairs$175.00 GOVT0066-4340
Congressional Digest$46.35 GOVT0010-5899
Disarmament; Study Series$0.00 GOVT0251-9518
Index to Proceedings of the Economic & Social Council$24.78 GOVT0082-8084
Index to Proceedings of the General Assembly$100.00 GOVT0082-8157
Index to Proceedings of the Security Council/Dag Hammerskjold Library$33.25 GOVT0082-8408
Index to Proceedings of the Trusteeship Council$10.00 GOVTNone
International Review of Administrative Sciences$247.20 GOVT0020-8523
Journal of Conflict Resolution$298.70 GOVT0022-0027
Latin American Weekly Report$561.35 GOVT0143-5280
Philosophy & Social Criticism$271.92 GOVT0191-4537
Public Administration & Development$540.75 GOVT0271-2075
Public Sector$76.87 GOVT0110-5191
Resolutions & Decisions adopted by the General Assembly during the ... Part Resolutions of its ... Session$80.72 GOVTNone
State Capitals. Employee Policy for the Private & Public Sectors$252.35 GOVT1061-9674
State Capitals. Environmental Regulation$252.35 GOVT1061-9682
State Capitals. Federal Action Affecting the States$252.35 GOVT0016-1705
Women & Politics$258.12 GOVT0195-7732
Yearbook. United National Commission on International Trade Law$68.53 GOVTNone


Human Events$72.05 HIST0018-7194
Railway & Locomotive Historical Soc. Membership$39.66 HIST
    Railroad History
Tennessee Historical Society Membership$46.35 HIST
    Tennessee Historical Quarterly


Marketers Guide to Media$74.68 JOUR1061-7159
Nieman Reports$20.60 JOUR0028-9817

Languages and Linguistics

Altdeutsche Textbibliothek$90.00 LANGNone
Trends in Linguistics (Complete Series)$1,789.66 LANGNone
Zeitschrift fur Germanistische Linguistik$166.76 LANG0301-3294

Mathematical Sciences

Annals of Pure & Applied Logic$1,717.01 MATH0168-0072
Control & Dynamic Systems: Advances in Theory & Applications$558.36 MATH0090-5267
IMA: Journal of Applied Mathematics (Package)$680.83 MATH
    IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics
    IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis
International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics$1,046.48 MATH0020-7462
Inverse Problems$1,104.16 MATH0266-5611
Journal of Optimization Theory & Applications$1,096.95 MATH0022-3239
Mathematical Programming, Series A-B & Index (Package)$928.03 MATH0025-5610
    Mathematical Programming
    Mathematical Programming Master Index
Numerical Functional Analysis & Optimization$798.25 MATH0163-0563
Numerische Mathematik$1,469.43 MATH0029-599X
Theory of Computing Systems$289.09 MATH0025-5661

Military Science

American Neptune$46.35 MSC0003-0155
Journal of Navigation$203.94 MSC0373-4633


Acta Musicologica$127.69 MUS0001-6241
American Organist$43.26 MUS0164-3150
Archiv fur Musikwissenschaft$121.66 MUS0003-9292
Choir & Organ$48.58 MUS0968-7262
Choral Journal$25.75 MUS0009-5028
Clarinet$35.00 MUS0361-5553
Claudii Meruli Musica Sacra$101.90 MUSNone
Contemporary Music Review$372.65 MUS0749-4467
Corpus of Early Keyboard Music$77.00 MUS0070-0371
Corpus Scriptorum de Musica$56.33 MUSNone
Diapason$20.60 MUS0012-2378
Musica Disciplina$35.00 MUS0077-2461
NACWPI Journal$30.90 MUS0027-576X
Opera Omnia$0.00 MUSNone


Memoirs of the American Philosophical Society$102.00 PHILNone
    Census of the Exact Sciences in Sanskrit: Series A
Studia Logica$404.79 PHIL0039-3215


Annales de Physique$613.34 PHYS0003-4169
Annales Geophysicae. Atmospheres, Hydrospheres, & Space Sciences$1,222.61 PHYS0992-7689
Classical & Quantum Gravity$1,981.00 PHYS0264-9381
Experimental Methods in the Physical Sciences$93.06 PHYS1079-4042
Fortschritte der Physik$787.95 PHYS0015-8208
General Relativity & Gravitation$798.25 PHYS0001-7701
Geomagnetism & Aeronomy$610.00 PHYS0016-7932
Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics$206.00 PHYS0019-5596
Infrared Physics & Technology$1,069.14 PHYS1350-4495
International Journal of Heat & Mass Transfer$3,005.54 PHYS0017-9310
International Journal of Theoretical Physics$818.85 PHYS0020-7748
Journal of Applied Spectroscopy$1,495.00 PHYS0021-9037
Journal of Computational Physics$2,085.75 PHYS0021-9991
Journal of Geomagnetism & Geoelectricity$489.25 PHYS0022-1392
Journal of Low Temperature Physics$1,158.75 PHYS0022-2291
Journal of Optical Technology$1,635.00 PHYS1070-9762
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer$2,405.05 PHYS0022-4073
Journal of Sound & Vibration$4,434.38 PHYS0022-460X
Journal of Statistical Physics$1,694.35 PHYS0022-4715
Letters in Mathematical Physics$994.98 PHYS0377-9017
Metrologia$360.11 PHYS0026-1394
Molecular Physics$2,244.37 PHYS0026-8976
Physics of Atomic Nuclei$2,900.00 PHYS1063-7788
Physics of Particles & Nuclei$1,560.00 PHYS1063-7796
Progress in Optics$175.08 PHYS0079-6638
Radiation Research$610.79 PHYS0033-7587
Radio Science$421.27 PHYS0048-6604
Reports on Mathematical Physics$780.74 PHYS0034-4877
Solid State Physics$112.80 PHYS0081-1947
Technical Physics$2,535.00 PHYS1063-7842
X-Ray Spectometry: XRS$1,230.85 PHYS0049-8246


British Journal of Clinical Psychology$278.92 PSY0144-6657
    British Journal of Health Psychology
Educational & Psychological Measurement$180.25 PSY0013-1644
Integrative Physiological & Behavioral Science$214.24 PSY1053-881X
Japanese Psychological Research$87.55 PSY0021-5368
Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis$70.04 PSY0021-8855
Journal of Child Psychotherapy$135.18 PSY0075-417X
Journal of Creative Behavior$46.35 PSY0022-0175
Journal of Russian & East European Psychology$628.30 PSY1061-0405
Neurology$261.62 PSY0028-3878
Neuropsychologia$1,592.38 PSY0028-3932
Progress in Behavior Modification$35.00 PSY0099-037X
Psychobiology$89.61 PSY0889-6313
Psychologia$168.92 PSY0033-2852
Psychotherapy & Psychosomatics$540.13 PSY0033-3190
Risk Analysis: Off. pub. of the Soc. for Risk Analysis$448.05 PSY0272-4332
Scandinavian Journal of Psychology$187.46 PSY0036-5564

Sociology and Anthropology

American Journal of Physical Anthropology$1,765.42 SOC0002-9483
    Yearbook of Physical Anthropology
Archives Europeannes de Sociologie=European Journal of Sociology.$122.57 SOC0003-9756
Journal of Archaeological Science$648.94 SOC0305-4403
Philosophy of the Social Sciences$164.80 SOC0048-3931

Theatre Arts

Back Stage West$77.25 THTRNone
Jump Cut$10.36 THTR0146-5546
Language & Style$13.00 THTR0023-8317
Threads Magazine$27.47 THTR0882-7370

College of Education

Counseling and Educational Psychology

Behaviour Research & Therapy$814.73 CEP0005-7967
Community Mental Health Journal$334.75 CEP0010-3853

Curriculum and Instruction

Comparative Education$496.46 CI0305-0068
Education$30.90 CI0013-1172
Education U.S.A.$173.04 CI0013-1571
European Education$473.80 CI1056-4934
Innovations in Education & Training International$123.60 CI1355-8005
International Journal of Social Education$15.45 CI0889-0293
Performance Improvement$76.22 CINone
Prospects$41.20 CI0033-1538
Reading Horizons$25.75 CI0034-0502
Yearbook/Claremont Reading Conference$23.50 CI0886-6880
Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education$55.46 CI0077-5762

Educational Management and Development

American School & University$50.90 EMD0003-0945
Assoc. of School Business Officials International Library$75.19 EMD
    School Business Affairs
Comparative Education Review$69.01 EMD0010-4086
    CIES Newsletter/Comp. & Int. Educ. Soc.
Educational Studies & Documents$15.75 EMDNone
Educational Theory$30.90 EMD0013-2004
Initiatives: [Journal of NAWDAC]$51.50 EMD1042-413X
Journal of Educational Thought$40.87 EMD0022-0701
NASPA Journal$36.05 EMD0027-6014
Research in the Schools$30.00 EMDNone
Teacher Educator$15.00 EMD0887-8730

Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance

Canadian Journal of Applied Physiology=Revue Canadienne de Physiologie Applique$113.30 PE1066-7814
Coach & Athletic Director$24.67 PENone
World Clinic Series$30.00 PENone

Special Education/Communication Disorders

Archives of Otolaryngology: Head & Neck Surgery$180.25 SPED0886-4470
Clinical Supervisor$306.78 SPED0732-5223
Diagnostique: Professional Bulletin of the Council for Educational Diagnostic Services$28.84 SPED0737-2477
Infants & Young Children$88.32 SPED0896-3746
International Review of Research in Mental Retardation$80.24 SPED0074-7750
Intervention in School & Clinic$103.00 SPED1053-4512
Journal of Special Education Technology$41.30 SPED0162-6434
Learning Disability Quarterly: Jrnl of the Div. for Children with Learning Disabilities$51.50 SPED0731-9487
Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin$36.05 SPED0034-3552

College of Business Administration & Economics

Accounting and Business Computer Systems
Accounting Education$298.70 ACCT0963-9284
Advances in Accounting$80.37 ACCT0882-6110
British Accounting Review$338.58 ACCT0890-8389
    British Accounting Review Research Register
Journal of Accounting & Economics$667.44 ACCT0165-4101
Journal of Law & Economics$78.28 ACCT0022-2186
    Journal of Legal Studies
Organization Science: A journal of the Inst. of Mgt. Science$121.54 ACCT1047-7039
Strategy & Leadership$97.85 ACCT1087-8572

Economics & International Business

Journal of Econometrics$1,851.94 ECON0304-4076
Journal of Economic Theory$1,030.00 ECON0022-0531

Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate

Appraisal Journal$36.05 FINNone
Barclay's Economic Review$92.74FIN0956-5574
Journal of Banking & Finance$1,451.43FIN0378-4266
Journal of Financial Engineering$206.00FIN1062-8924
Journal of Real Estate Research$247.20 FIN0896-5803
    Real Estate Portfolio Management
Trusts & Estates$80.34 FIRE0041-3682


American Cooperation$37.60 MGT0065-793X
Antitrust Bulletin$87.55 MGT0003-603X
AZB; Arizona Business$24.00 MGT1079-4255
Executive$77.25 MGT0896-3789
Fortnightly: North American Utilities Business Magazine$119.00 MGT1074-6099
Journal of Rehabilitation$56.65 MGT0022-4154
Journal of Vocational Behavior$437.75 MGT0001-8791
Long Range Planning$834.30 MGT0024-6301
Quarterly Review of Economics & Finance$242.05 MGT1062-9769
Small Business Economic Trends$250.00 MGTNone

Marketing and General Business

Business Marketing$50.47 MKTG0745-5933
Chain Store Age Executive w/Shopping Center Age$101.97 MKTG0193-1199
Foreign Trade Statistics of Asia & the Pacific$48.11 MKTG1011-4858
International Review of Retail, Distribution & Consumer Research$252.35 MKTG0959-3969
Journal of Business & Psychology$283.25 MKTG0889-3268
Journal of Business Research$669.50 MKTG0148-2963
Journal of Marketing for Higher Education$169.95 MKTG0884-1241
Marketing Management$92.70 MKTG1061-3846
Marketing Research: a quarterly bus. mgt. pub. of the Am. Mktg. Assoc.$123.60 MKTG1040-8460
Services Marketing Today$41.20 MKTGNone
Small Industry Bulletin for Asia & the Pacific$15.87 MKTG0252-3426
UNCTAD Commodity Yearbook/United Nations Conf. on Trade & Developmment$74.32 MKTGNone

College of Engineering

Civil, Agricultural & Geological Engineering

Computers & Structures$3,537.02 CAGE0045-7949
Journal of Composite Materials$1,236.00 CAGE0021-9983
Journal of Hydrology$3,597.25 CAGE0022-1694
Soil Dynamics & Earthquake Engineering$980.56 CAGE0261-7277

Chemical Engineering

Advances in Electrochemical Science & Engineering$120.00 CHE0938-5193
Advances in Heat Transfer$111.86 CHE0065-2717
Bioresource Technology$1,401.83 CHE0960-8524
Combustion & Flame$897.27 CHE0010-2180
Combustion Science & Technology$6,131.11 CHE0010-2202
Environmental Research$943.48 CHE0013-9351
Food Processing$92.70 CHE0015-6523
Glass Industry$41.20 CHE0017-1026
Hart's Petroleum Engineer International: Magazine of Drilling & Production Technology, Onshore, Offshore, Worldwide$60.77 CHE0164-8322
Journal of Catalysis$2,058.97 CHE0021-9517
Journal of Petroleum Technology$46.35 CHE0149-2136
    SPE Index/Soc. of Petroleum Engrs.
Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Soc.$221.45 CHE0003-021X
    Inform: Internatl. News on Fats, Oils, & Related Materials
Marginal Oil, Fuel for Economic Growth$11.00 CHENone
Modern Plastics$43.00 CHE0026-8275
Municipal & Industrial Water & Population Control$61.80 CHE0820-4446
Proceedings of the ... Industrial Waste Conf.$92.07 CHE0073-7682
Processing$213.84 CHE0305-439X
Rubber World$29.87 CHE0035-9572
SPE Drilling & Completion$61.80 CHE1064-6671
SPE Production & Facilities$61.80 CHE1064-668X
SPE Reservoir Engineering$61.80 CHE0885-9248

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Advances in Imaging & Electron Physics$492.56 EE1076-5670
Image & Vision Computing$860.05 EE0262-8856
Microelectronics & Reliability$1,743.79 EE0026-2714
Pattern Recognition$1,494.53 EE0031-3203
Solid-State Electronics$2,300.00 EE0038-1101

Engineering Technology

Energy Engineering$118.45 ET0199-8595

Industrial Engineering

International Journal of Production Research$1,421.90 IE0020-7543
Work Study$956.87 IE0043-8022

Mechanical Engineering

Advances in Astronautical Sciences$466.66 ME0065-3438
    Numerical/Chronological/Author Index 1986-1992: an index of pubs. of the American Astr. Soc.
    Science & Technology Series: American Astr. Soc. pub.
Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News$81.37 ME0002-2276
Annals of Nuclear Energy$1,826.19 ME0306-4549
Applied Scientific Research$705.55 ME0003-6994
Automotive Industries$72.10 ME0005-1527
Automotive News$97.85 ME0005-1551
    Automotive News. Guide to Auto Ind. Events
Critical Reviews in Biomedical Engineering$556.20 ME0278-940X
Diesel Progress Engines & Drives$77.25 ME1040-8878
Engineer$246.17 ME0013-7758
HTFS Digest$276.22 ME0309-1953
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences$1,294.71 ME0020-7403
Iron Age New Steel: Mini & Integrated Mill Mgt. & Tech.$91.67 ME0897-4365
ISA Transactions$249.26 ME0019-0578
Journal of Aircraft$360.50 ME0021-8669
Journal of the American Helicopter Society$36.05 ME0002-8711
Journal of the Astronautical Sciences$144.20 ME0021-9142
Midwest Engineer$15.45 ME0026-3370
Modern Metals$87.55 ME0026-8127
Power$56.65 ME0032-5929
Power Engineering$51.50 ME0032-5961
Progress in Astronautics & Aeronautics$436.85 ME0079-6050
Truck Fleet Management$36.05 ME1090-1507
Turbomachinery International$50.47 ME0149-4147
    Turbomachinery International Handbook
Vertiflite$36.05 ME0042-4455
Wind Engineering$288.69 ME0309-524X
Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik$1,539.85 ME0044-2267

College of Health and Social Services

Health Science

Education in Asia & the Pacific$6.00 HLSNone
Health Communication$221.45 HLS1041-0236
International Journal of Epidemiology$145.75 HLS0300-5771
JEMS$24.69 HLS0197-2510
Journal of Community Health$334.75 HLS0094-5145
Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health$197.38 HLS0143-005X
Journal of Primary Prevention$283.25 HLS0278-095X
Promotion & Education$49.44 HLSNone
Women & Health$420.00 HLS0363-0242


Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine$154.50 NURS1072-4710
Cancer Nursing$98.88 NURS0162-220X
Clinician Reviews$72.10 NURS1052-0627
Issues in Mental Health Nursing$180.25 NURS0161-2840
Journal of Christian Nursing$20.55 NURS0743-2550
Journal of Emergency Nursing$154.50 NURS0099-1767
Journal of Pediatric Health Care$100.94 NURS0891-5245
Modern Healthcare$128.75 NURS0160-7480
    Modern Physician
N & HC Perspectives on Community$66.95 NURS1081-8731
World Health Organization$145.23 NURS
    Bulletin of the World Health Organization
    Technical Report Series/World Health Org.
    World Health Forum

Social Work

Bulletin on Narcotics$10.36 SWK0007-523X
Children & Youth Services Review$521.18 SWK0190-7409
Early Childhood Education Journal$135.00 SWK1082-3301
Journal of Applied Social Sciences$59.74 SWK0146-4310
Journal of Divorce & Remarriage$560.00 SWK1050-2556
Journal of Drug Education$145.75 SWK0047-2379
Journal of Marriage & the Family$97.85 SWK0022-2445
Journal of Security Administration$41.20 SWK0195-9425
Marriage & Family Review$238.99 SWK0149-4929

University Programs

Women's Studies

Health Care for Women International$216.30 WOM0739-9332

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