NMSU Library Award Winning Books
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Award-winning and notable books recently acquired or ordered by the New Mexico State University Library

The Award-winning Books List contains titles that were acquired or ordered for the NMSU Library's collection during the past 1 1/2 years. It is organized according to the name of the award or other notable category. In many cases it lists finalists or nominees in addition to the award winners. In order to find out the availability of any title on this list, the user should search by title or author on the on-line catalog. Should the user be unable to find a title in the catalog, then the title is likely to be still on order, or recently acquired, but not yet cataloged. In this case, the user may ask to be notified when the book becomes available. Use the Special Handling (Books-in-Process) Request Form to speed processing of a new title.

This list contains only recent award-winning or notable books. Use the catalog to check the availability of older, known award-winning books.