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Transfer of Records to the University Archives


The University Archives was established in 1967 by the New Mexico State University Board of Regents to preserve university records of long-term or permanent value. Such records have continuing administrative, legal, fiscal or historical significance. By maintaining these documentary materials we can insure that the important work done by your unit and the University is documented for future use.

The records of the official activities of the units and staff of New Mexico State University are the property of the institution. Their disposition or destruction is controlled by the Board of Regents. Proposals to dispose of records should be reviewed by and receive the concurrence of the University Archivist.


Transfer only inactive records which have little or no current administrative value. (Frequently used records should be retained by the office that uses them.)

Transfer records which document the organization, function, policies, procedures, operations and essential transactions and outcomes of the unit. (Examples of these are shown here.)

Questions regarding the disposition of records and archival operations should be directed to one of the archivists.


  • Obtain standard records storage boxes (10x12x15 inches). They may be obtained from the NMSU Bookstore or an office supply store. Non-standard containers are unacceptable.
  • If you have time, screen records and pull obvious duplicates.
  • Without disturbing the existing file arrangement, pack records firmly in the containers in their original file folders as though they were file drawers. Do not force or stack records. Make sure that file folders can be removed or replaced without undue effort.
  • Number the boxes in their file order and write the office name on the box label.
  • Make a list of the file folder headings. Keep a reference copy for the office files.  Send the Archives both a hard copy and a digital copy (electronic file), Microsoft Word is preferred.

Contact Information:

Hobson-Huntsinger University Archives
New Mexico State University Library
MSC 3475;  Branson Hall
Telephone: 646-3839

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