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  1. Astronomy *

    Classic works in the field of astronomy. Most of the titles were published prior to 1850, including several during the sixteenth century. Galileo, Kepler, LaPlace, Watts and Gelpke are represented in this collection.

  2. Borderlands Collection *

    This collection is concerned with issues such as immigration, economic and social conditions of migrants, common culture in the Borderlands, collaborative efforts, etc. Items in the collection will frequently include some material on New Mexico.

  3. Dave Dewitt Chile Pepper Research Institute Collection *

    In 2007, Dave Dewitt, one of the founders of Chile Pepper Magazine and producer of the National Fiery Foods & Barbecue Show gave a collection of over 400 books and journals along with some of his papers to Archives and Special Collections. The books and journals are housed in Special Collections and include cookbooks from around the world, as well as those specializing in New Mexico Chile. The NMSU Chile Pepper Institute has also contributed a number of volumes, some on the cultivation and botany of peppers. These dovetail nicely with the Fabian Garcia Papers.

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  1. Edward Gorey Collection

    Edward Gorey, writer and illustrator, has produced small volumes of drawings, illustrated book jackets, designed titles for television series, all the while displaying his dark humor through his literary endeavors. Many of his works and those about him came to the library through the Gotham Book Mart purchase. The collection encompasses more than 400 items including books, book jackets, periodical articles, playing cards, and posters.

  2. Eleazer S. Mashbir

    Louis E. Freudentahl, a Las Cruces businessman, gave the library approximately 175 books pertaining to 18th and 19th century Russia. The books were part of the private library of Eleazer S. Mashbir, an attorney and Mr. Freudenthal's uncle. Several of the volumes date back to the 18th century including The History of the Life of Peter I., Emperor of Russia by John Mottley. The collection also includes the scarce 1890-1900 issues of the periodical "Free Russia," the organ of the Society of Friends of Russian Freedom.

  3. Eugene Manlove Rhodes

    In 1941 a complete set of the first editions of Eugene Manlove Rhodes? works were acquired for the library. Eugene Manlove Rhodes, novelist, essayist and poet, is one of New Mexico's most beloved writers. Gene Rhodes' fiction was serialized in the Saturday Evening Post; adapted for motion pictures, television and the stage; and published in hardcover, paperback, and Armed Services Editions. The collection includes almost all published items by or about Rhodes.

  4. Frances Stelloff

    Frances Steloff founded the Gotham Book Mart in New York in 1920. In 1974, the NMSU Library purchased a large portion of the bookstore's stock which included many titles personally collected by Miss Steloff. The collection reflects the interests of Miss Steloff--poetry, literature, the theater and fine arts. Many of the titles are first editions and autographed editions by such authors as William Burroughs, Norman Mailer, John Dos Passos, E.E. Cummings, and Ernest Hemingway.

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  1. Garth Williams

    Well known illustrator of classic children?s literature such as Charlotte?s Web and Laura Ingalls Wilder?s Little House series.

  2. J. Phelps White III Collection

    In June 2007, J. Phelps White III donated 431 volumes valued at over $37,000 to Special Collections. The gift consists of about twenty percent of the library of James Phelps White (1856-1934), a prominent rancher and business man in the southwest, particularly in the Roswell area. A number of these titles were previously owned by the industrialist, miner, and rancher J.J. Hagerman (1838-1909). The donation consists primarily of sets of literary and historical works from the middle and late nineteenth century, such as the works of George Eliot, John Ruskin, Carlyle, Dickens, the French historian Guizot, Longfellow, and a 48-volume set of British poets.

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  1. New Mexico Collection *

    (Witter Bynner, Peggy Pond Church, Haniel Long, Keith Wilson) The collection encompasses books about New Mexico; books about New Mexicans (Anglos, Native Americans and Hispanics), books published in New Mexico; and books written about New Mexico. It includes the library's collection of Territorial documents. The collection includes first editions by Mary Austin, Witter Bynner, Willa Cather, Oliver La Farge, Tony Hillerman, Richard Martin Stern, William Eastlake, and John Nichols. Works about New Mexico artists including Maynard Dixon, Peter Hurd, Georgia O'Keeffe, Pablita Velarde, and Allan Houser are also collected. The collection includes books on farming and ranching, science and technology, and history and culture of New Mexico. The library's holdings of newspapers in their original format are included in the collection.

  2. New Mexico Fiction Collection *

    In 1988 a former library staff member gave a generous donation to Special Collections which was used to purchase 184 books, all New Mexico fiction. The criteria for inclusion in the collection is that the novel?s setting is either entirely or partly in New Mexico. Some of the titles purchased were Bronco Apache: a Novel by Paul Wellman, The Golden Quicksand; a Novel of Santa Fe by Anna Burr, Shadow Man by James Kunetka; and Death in the Snow by Richard Martin Stern. Genres represented include mysteries, science fiction, westerns, and romance.

  3. New Mexico History Collection *

    This collection reflects the history of the region as it encompasses New Mexico. Of particular interest are the books relating to the Indians of the Southwest, mapping and exploration, cowboys and desperados, cattle industry, and overland trails.

  4. New Mexico Poetry Collection *

    The most recent collections purchased are works by New Mexico poets Peggy Pond Church, Alice Corbin Henderson and Leslie Marmon Silko.

  5. New Mexico Maps *

    Includes approximately 350 early and contemporary maps related to New Mexico state and territory. The collection also includes supplanted topographic maps transferred from the library?s Government Documents

  6. New Mexico Newspapers *

    The collection contains around 130 state newspapers, including the Las Cruces Sun-News, the Santa Fe New Mexican, and the Albuquerque Morning Journal, among others. Besides the holdings in print, the collection includes various titles in microfilm.

  7. NMSU Authors Collection

    As books by NMSU authors are offered to Special Collections, they are included. Emphasis is particularly on faculty whose papers are held by RGHC.

  8. NMSU Theses and Dissertations Collection *

    Dating to 1890, Special Collections houses the non-circulating copies of theses and dissertations from NMSU?s degree granting programs (graduate and doctoral programs)

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  1. Ranching History

    This collection is concerned with the history of ranching in the Southwest. Current collecting is mainly concerned with New Mexico ranching.

  2. Railroads of the West (particularly New Mexico) *

    This includes railroads limited to New Mexico, such as the ?Chili Line? and the Cumbres & Toltec, as well as resources that include substantial material on New Mexico, such as items on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe or the Southern Pacific.

  3. Southwestern Children's Book Collection *

    More than 1,100 children?s books with Southwest themes were purchased from a New Mexico bookstore in 1992 to form the Southwestern Children?s Book Collection. It is a research collection of tales, stories, poems and songs written for children. The collection is a treasure of artwork. Most of the books are illustrated, many by well-known artists including Gerald Cassidy, Lorence Bjorklund, Beatien Yazz, Harrison Begay, Conrad Buff, Fred Kabotie, and Paul Goble.

  4. Southwest Collection *

    Books in the Southwest Collection reflect the history of the region as it encompasses New Mexico. Of particular interest are the books relating to the Indians of the Southwest, mapping and exploration, frontier and pioneer life, flora and fauna, the cattle industry, and overland trails. Classic works in Southwestern and border history are represented in the collection

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  1. Water of the West Collection *

    This is mostly concerned with water resources in New Mexico and neighboring states and northern Mexico. Resources concerned with the description, history, law, technology, and policy of water resources are welcome.

  2. Western Dime Novel Collection

    Paperbacks of nearly 400 popular fiction titles. Dates range from 1870s to 1940s. Includes series from publishers such as Street and Smith, Arthur Westbrook, Stagecoach Press.

  3. Western Women Collection *

    The Western Women Collection identifies more than 400 titles, both fiction and non-fiction, which focus on the lives, accomplishments, and experiences of women whose contributions continue to influence the history and development of the West. Of particular interest are the personal stories of women told through their diaries, letters and reminiscences.

* Materials continue to be purchased for this collection.