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U.S. Senate

  • Holm Bursum Papers (Ms 0305). Bursum served as Senator from New Mexico from 1921-1925.
  • Pete V. Domenici Papers. Former City Commissioner and Chairman of the City Commission for Albuquerque, was elected U.S. Senator from New Mexico in 1972. At the end of his term, in 2008, Domenici had served 36 years in congress. He will rank as the longest serving senator in New Mexico history and one of the top 15 longest serving senators in U.S. history.
  • Albert B. Fall Papers (Ms 0008). Fall served as one of New Mexico's first two Senators, from his election in 1912 until he resigned in 1921 to become Secretary of the Interior under President Warren G. Harding.

U.S. House of Representatives

  • Stephen B. Elkins Papers (Ms 0033) Former Mesilla attorney and Congressional delegate from New Mexico, 1873-1877. Microfilm and copies from West Virginia University (where Elkins was later elected Senator).
  • Ed Foreman Papers (No Ms number currently assigned). Foreman has the distinction of being the first member of the U.S. House of Representatives elected from two different states – Texas (1963-1965) and New Mexico (1969-1971). NMCA&MA (now known as New Mexico State University) Graduate in 1955.
  • Thomas G. Morris Papers (Ms 0031). U.S. Representative from New Mexico, from the Tucumcari area, served in the House from 1959-1969.
  • E.S. "Johnny" Walker Papers (Ms 0021) U.S. Representative from New Mexico (1965-1969), from the Albuquerque area.

Office of the Governor

  • Garrey Carruthers Papers (Ms 0305). Current Dean of the NMSU College of Business Administration and Economics; Governor of New Mexico, 1987-1991. First Republican Governor elected in New Mexico since David Cargo (1968).
  • Herbert J. Hagerman Papers (Ms 0104). Territorial Governor of New Mexico, 1906-1907 (appointed by President Theodore Roosevelt). Part of the James John Hagerman Family Papers.
  • James F. Hinkle (Ms 0182). Governor of New Mexico, 1923-1924.
  • Edwin L. Mechem Papers (Ms 0292) and Correspondence (AC 167) . Governor of New Mexico, 1951-1955, 1957-1959, 1961-1962. First governor in state history to serve four terms (elections were held every two years through the 1960s in New Mexico; the sitting governor was not allowed to run again for office until 1994).

New Mexico Judiciary

  • Rudy Apodaca Papers (Ms 0443) – A Las Cruces area attorney, Apodaca was elected to the New Mexico Court of Appeals first in 1988 and re-elected in successive terms through 2000.
  • John Lemon Family Papers (Ms 0233). Magistrate from the Territorial period, based in Mesilla.

State Senators

  • Aubrey Dunn (No Ms number currently assigned); accessions include RG 96-030, RG 99-154, RG 2000-188, as well as one oral interview (UA2002-008). State Senator, D-Lincoln-Otero Counties, 1964-1980; candidate, New Mexico Governor, 1982

State Representatives

  • Sharlyn Linard Papers (no Ms number currently assigned). Former member of the New Mexico House of Representatives in the 1970s.
  • G.X. McSherry Collection (no Ms number currently assigned). Includes several accessions, notably RG 99-169, Mr. McSherry’s oral history. Also includes other family materials (RG88-198; RG83-049; RG87-127; RG99-005)
  • John Mershon Papers (Ms 0225) – State Representative, D-Otero County, 1960s-1982
  • William E. Porter (Ms 0343) State Representative, D-Dona Ana, 1986-1994. Orchardist and Mesilla Valley businessman.
  • J. Paul Taylor Papers. State Senator from Mesilla, Dona Ana County. Elected as State Representative in 1990s and served through 2005. Several accessions of political related material among the Taylor Papers.
  • David Townsend Papers. Ms 0095. (D-Otero). Former director of the Alamogordo branch of New Mexico State University and educator. Elected as State Representative in 1987, served through 1995.
  • Calla Eylar and Ulysses G. Wolfe Papers (Ms 0215) - Calla Eylar Wolfe served 5 terms in the New Mexico House of Representatives from 1940-1950.

Lincoln and Dona Ana Counties

  • Herman Weisner Papers (Ms 0249). Research files of southern New Mexico historian who studied the Lincoln County War and politics of Dona Ana County in the latter part of the 19th Century and the early 20th Century. Includes material pertaining to Pat Garrett, Albert B. Fall, and Oliver Lee.

Las Cruces City Government

  • Marianne Hobbs Thaeler Papers (Ms 0087). First woman elected to the Las Cruces City Council, 1974. Local political activist and community leader.
  • Ronald Hudson Papers (Ms 0200). Materials donated by former Las Cruces City Commissioner, pertaining to his service on this body in the 1970s.

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