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New Mexico State University

Public Bulletin Board Policy

Policy No: 045
Approval Date: May 5, 2010
Historical Notes:


The purpose of the Libraryís public bulletin boards is to provide a venue for communicating campus-related news and activities. The policy helps ensure that the information displayed is timely and relevant to the campus community.

Bulletin Board Approval Process

Approval for posting on the bulletin boards must be obtained from the Library Administration office, 2nd Floor of Zuhl Library. The Library Administration office will date stamp and initial all approved postings.

  • Only flyers/posters of NMSU sponsored activities and/or organizations will be permitted; and the name of the organization or NMSU logo must be printed on flyer/poster.
  • Due to space limitations, only one flyer/poster for each event will be permitted on the bulletin boards in each library.
  • Long term postings must get new approval at the beginning of each semester.
  • Flyers announcing semester courses will be taken down after the last day to add a class.
  • The Library Administration staff reserves the right to take down any flyer/posting that is not approved or that is outdated.
  • Postings that are removed by the Library Administration Office will be discarded.
  • The Library Administration staff reserves the right to rearrange the bulletin boards to make room for more postings.
  • Posting/flyers, such as those promoting candidates for ASNMSU or Homecoming queen and king, rental or roommate advertisements, and/or personal items for sale, will not be permitted.
  • The Library can refuse to approve any postings that do not meet the Public Bulletin Board Policy.

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