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New Mexico State University

Archives and Special Collections Department-Fees for Publication

Policy No: 029
Approval Date: 2/15/06
Historical Notes:


Publication fees will be assessed for use of Archives and Special Collections visual materials for commercial purposes.


Images utilized for any commercial purpose require a signed Permission to Use form that must be submitted and approved by the department head prior to use or exhibition. The access fees are in addition to photographic duplication charges. (Please see Policy #15 - Archives and Special Collections: Photocopying, Photograph Duplication and Digital Imaging Services). All publication fees are for one-time, non-exclusive use per image.

Publication Fees for Visual Materials Per Image

Print and Electronic Media
(books, periodicals, posters, CD-ROM, DVD, etc.)
Print Run (number of copies): Fee:
        Under 3,000 $   10.00
        3,000 - 9,999 20.00
        10,000 - 24,999 50.00
        25,000 - 99,999 75.00
        100,000 and above 100.00
Film and Video
        In-state distribution $   25.00
        National or worldwide 100.00
World Wide Web
        Commercial site $   50.00

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