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New Mexico State University

Gifts Policy

Policy No: 022
Approval Date: 06/11/2008
Historical Notes: NMSU Business Policy Manual Section 1C.05.15
                                 Archives Appraisal Guidelines for Records, Policy No: 012


The New Mexico State University Library welcomes gifts that enhance the Library's ability to support the learning, teaching and research missions of the University. Both monetary donations and gifts of books or other information provide an invaluable supplement to the service mission of the library. Over the past century, donors have added immeasurably to the growth of the Library's collections.


Gifts are accepted with the understanding and agreement that the Library makes all of the necessary decisions as to retention, use, and disposition.

    Monetary Gifts

    Individuals wishing to give monetary gifts for the purchase of materials should contact the Director of Development for the NMSU Library at 575-646-3642; or via e-mail at


    Those wishing to donate books, periodicals, and non-print media should contact the Gifts Program Coordinator at 575-646-6297; or via e-mail at

    Gifts to Archives and Special Collections

    Donors seeking to offer materials to Archives and Special Collections should contact the department head at 575 646-4756; or via e-mail at

The Library acknowledges gifts through a brief, general description of the materials. This acknowledgement is sent to the donor but does not include an itemized bibliographic listing of donated items or a monetary evaluation. The Library is prohibited from appraising gifts for federal tax purposes. To obtain an appraisal of their gift, we suggest that donors contact professional appraisers or local book dealers before making the donation. (SEE ALSO: Archives and Special Collections Guidelines for Records)


NMSU Library accepts gifts that will benefit its users and strengthen its collections. The Library is particularly interested in receiving items that fit its collection strengths and that are representative of the University's academic programs and areas of research.

Considered for Acceptance       Generally Not Considered
High quality hardcover books               Mass market paperbacks
High quality paperback books               Used textbooks
Journals (see guidelines)               Popular magazines (see guidelines)
Music scores               Newspapers
Purchased audio visual materials               Personally copied items
    (e.g., videos, dvds and cds)                   (photocopies, videos, dvds, cds)
Local or regional history materials               Desk copies
                Publishers' advance copies
                Items in poor physical condition
Desired subjects areas  
U.S.-Mexico Border  
New Mexico and local history 
Latin America 
History of the Rio Grande Valley 
Aerospace studies 
Water resources 
Chile peppers 
Land and range management 
Sustainable agriculture 
Social justice 
Social work 
Agricultural economics 
NMSU Extension Program 
Federal or New Mexico state documents 

For questions about donating a specific item, please contact the Gifts Program Coordinator at 575-646-6297; or via e-mail at

In cases where an individual would like to donate items that fall outside the usual formats typically donated to libraries (e.g., books, journals, audio visual materials) such as equipment, furniture, software, etc., individuals are encouraged to contact Library Administration at 575-646-1508.

The Library adheres to all federal regulations governing Internal Revenue Service gifts-in-kind. It also respects and abides by the Donor's Bill of Rights as outlined by the NMSU Foundation.


Donated items are received with gratitude but without obligation. The Library seeks to maintain high standards of collection quality and appropriateness. In doing so it carefully reviews each donated item before deciding to add it to the collection. Some donated materials may be offered to other libraries or disposed of at the discretion of the library (13-6-1 NMSA 1978).

If not accepted, the Library disposes of donated items in this order:

  1. Items are offered to other libraries
  2. Items are offered to institutions in the Republic of Mexico
  3. Items are transferred to the University's Office of Facilities and Services to be sold by auction or sealed bid


Donors are recognized with an official letter thanking them for supporting the Library with a brief description of the item(s) donated.



When the Archives and Special Collections Department at NMSU Library evaluates adding records to its collections, it follows specific appraisal guidelines. These guidelines are conducted for informational purposes and document the historic value of the donated collection. See


Deeds of gift are completed on all items donated to the Archives and Special Collections Department. The NMSU Library no longer accepts gifts, collections, or materials placed "on deposit."


The Library adheres to the Society of American Archivists principles regarding donors' rights.


The Archives and Special Collections Department strives to make its collections as widely available and accessible as possible; however, there may be certain circumstances that restrict access to its collections. The Department Head for Archives and Special Collections decides the conditions that govern restricting access to collections (e.g., item too fragile).

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