Grants, Gifts Support Projects



The New Mexico State University Library recently received several gifts and grants supporting a variety of projects.  Barbara Lee Myers gave $1,000 to help provide student assistance for the Library’s Archives & Special Collections Department.


Two Library faculty members recently received grants from NMSU’s Southwest and Border Cultures Institute.  Kirsten Clark was awarded $1,651.89 for her research project "History and the border: creating a guide to research library government documents collections."  Molly Molloy received $2,000 for her project "Sharing the knowledge of southwestern and border cultures: NMSU Library visiting scholar awards."  Molly will also collaborate with Dr. Patricia MacGregor-Mendoza of NMSU’s Languages and Linguistics Department, who was awarded $2,000 to increase Library holdings in Spanish. 


The Library has received $3,125 from the Sound Model project of the Collaborative Digitization Program.  The funding will allow project director Steve Hussman of Archives & Special Collections to digitize and transcribe audio oral history tapes from the University Archives.


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