NMSU Library Newsletter September 2003


Five Library projects were awarded funding through the third annual mini-grant

program of New Mexico State Universityís Southwest and Border Cultures Institute

(SBCI).Two library acquisition projects were funded: Keeping Pace with the Borderland: Purchase of Works by Hispanic Writers in the U.S ($2,520, project director

Molly Molloy) and Expanding Southwestern Cultural Resources: Development of

a Mariachi Collection ($2,520, project directors Gary Mayhood, Deborah McCarthy and Molly Molloy).


A research project by Tim McKimmie, Vegetable and Fruit Production in New Mexico: Past, Present and Future, was awarded $1,680. Two archival processing

projects directed by Steve Hussman, Processing of the Keith Wilson Poetry Book Collection and Processing of the Mark Medoff Papers were each awarded $1,670.


The SBCI promotes humanities research, education and outreach, with special emphasis on understanding and maintaining the unique multicultural heritage of this region. For more information, contact Jeanette Smith at 505-646-7492.