Citations (Library Newsletter) September 2001


A $4,000 award to the Library by NMSUís Southwest and Border Cultures Institute will

enable the Library to identify and acquire secondary research tools to assist scholars

performing research in the Libraryís Durango Microfilm Collection and to conduct related public programming activities. The microfilmed archive of primary documents from the Archdiocese of Durango, Mexico, is housed in the Libraryís Rio Grande Historical Collections. This is the first year that awards have been made by the Institute.


While the Library holds some of the works needed to support research use of the Durango Microfilm, much more needs to be identified and acquired. Specific titles in subject areas, such as religion, paleography, history and geography, will be identified. Materials will be acquired from in-print and out-of-print sources in the U.S., Mexico, Spain and elsewhere. Project directors are Dr. Laurence Creider of Technical Services and Molly Molloy of the Southwest and Border Research Center. For more information,

please contact Dr. Creider at 646-4707 or