Citations (Library Newsletter) September 2001


Mr. and Mrs. Gerald C. Bauer, the parents of Library staff member Genevieve Bauer, have generously donated $4,330 for the purchase of equipment and supplies to enable the Library to construct phase box containers.  These protective boxes will house over six hundred books in the Library’s collection that have been deemed valuable enough to be retained but are too fragile and brittle to be rebound.  By protecting these fragile books in phase boxes, the Library will be able to begin the restoration process and place these materials back on the shelves.  Protecting these materials will ensure their continued accessibility for generations to come.


Library staff were delighted with Mrs. Bauer’s visit to the Technical Services area of the Library to view the materials awaiting phase boxes.  Phase boxes constructed in-house will provide the Library considerable savings on future bindery costs.  The Library will then be able to rescue more materials from the ravages of time and use.  For more information on the Bauer Phase Box Project, please contact Gary Mayhood of Technical Services at 646-7490 or