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2002 Library GO Bond Proposal Project
General Information and Guidelines
January 2004


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Funding proposals are limited to materials that will be added to the New Mexico State University Main Campus Library's collections. Funding is also limited to one-time only purchases, regardless of format. Items that are subscriptions or that require an ongoing financial commitment are excluded from the proposal process.
Acceptable Items: Unacceptable Items:
Books Equipment
Periodical backfiles (one-time purchase) Staff salaries
Electronic collections (one-time purchase) Travel funding
Videos or DVDs Special purpose software
Music scores or Sound recordings Items housed outside the NMSU Library's collections (Main campus)
Maps Subscriptions of any kind (periodical, database, etc.)
Microforms (e.g., microfiche, microfilm) Items with ongoing cost commitments (annual maintenance fees, etc.)


Any New Mexico State University Main campus group or individual may submit a proposal, regardless of status. For example, student groups, academic departments, faculty groups, individual staff, students or faculty are all eligible to submit proposals.
New Mexico State University branch campus faculty, staff and students should contact their branch library to inquire about plans to expend their allocated 2002 Library GO bond funds.

Successful proposals will be those that meet one or more of the following criteria:

Special consideration will be given to proposals that are interdisciplinary in nature and that benefit the broad-based New Mexico State University Main Campus population.

No dollar limits are placed on proposals except that no one proposal may exceed the total amount of bond monies received by New Mexico State University Main Campus Library ($587,758). 

Greater consideration will be given those proposals falling within the $1,000 to $50,000 range.

No restrictions are given to the number of proposals originating from one group or organizational unit.

The committee reviewing proposals (see below) reserves the right to adjust proposal budgets as needed.

If grant funds are not fully expended in the process, additional proposal funding cycles may be held.  


A review committee composed of both library and teaching faculty will evaluate all proposals submitted by the deadline noted below. The committee will submit funding recommendations to the Dean of the Library who, in turn, makes the final decision in funding allocations for 2002 Library GO Bond Proposals.
The review committee will give higher consideration to proposals meeting more than one of the criteria listed above.
Members of the review committee submitting a proposal, either as an individual or as part of a larger group, will recuse themselves from the recommendation process for that particular proposal.
Review Committee
Susan E. Beck, Chair and Collection Development Coordinator, Library
Joe Becker, Acquisitions Librarian, Library
Paul Bosland, Professor, Agronomy & Horticulture Department & Chair, Faculty Senate Library Committee
Christopher Brown, Assistant Professor, Geography Department
Vince Gutschick, Professor, Biology Department
Jon Hunner, Associate Professor, History Department
Mardi Mahaffy, Humanities Librarian, Library
Deadline for proposals: March 12, 2004
Awards will be announced by the end of spring semester, 2004.


Please submit an original and two copies of the completed New Mexico State University 2002 Library GO Bond Proposal form by the deadline, as noted above. The proposal form has been designed to provide for a wide range of requests, and those submitting are requested to complete it as accurately as possible. Electronic submissions are not accepted due to difficulties in assembling and distributing the proposal package to the committee.

Proposal forms are available to download from the New Mexico State University Library's web site at (MS Word) and at (Word Perfect)

For assistance with pricing information of materials, contact either Joe Becker, Acquisitions Librarian at 646-8093 or via e-mail at or Stuart Peale, Acquisitions Assistant at 646-1746 or via e-mail at

For assistance with subject-specific collection needs, please contact the library's designated subject-specialist/fund manager. See for a complete listing of whom to contact. 

Submit proposals and inquiries to:
Susan E. Beck
Collection Development Coordinator
New Mexico State University Library
MSC 3475 Box 30006
Las Cruces, NM 88003-8006

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